Retail Consumer Trends for 2019: Three Solutions Marketers Need to Stay Competitive

The shift toward technology-focused retail solutions becomes more pronounced with every passing year. Retail eCommerce sales are expected to surpass $560 million in the United States alone next year¹. As the calendar flips to 2019, several retail marketing trends can help your business stay up-to-date in meeting the consumers’ needs. Solutions range from personalized offers to modern technologies that provide the convenience that today’s customer craves.


Learn how one retailer saved $22 million with secure dynamic codes that seamlessly integrated with their legacy POS system.


Control Your Offers With Validation

Retail marketers need to be concerned about fraudulent offer redemption and abuse. The last thing a retail marketer wants to see is a paid campaign budget eaten up in less than a day because their offers went unintentionally viral. Toys ‘R” Us had to learn this lesson the hard way, with promotional offers left unprotected.

Fortunately, modern technologies enable retailers to deliver secure offers with unique codes to ensure validity. The codes also provide valuable customer path-to-purchase insights to shape future marketing initiatives. This ensures marketers can control who gets the right offer before moving onto measuring performance.

Traditionally, retailers have used barcodes for inventory and sales records, but they don’t give insights into the customers making the purchases and traditional barcode offers are often abused by shoppers. In instances where offer barcodes are not secure, customers may redeem the same offer over and over again, costing the retailer revenue opportunities.

RevTrax Offer Validation solves issues that limit the effectiveness of traditional barcodes. With the ability to integrate with any POS system and distribution through any marketing channel – social media, display ads, and more – retailers and manufacturers can gain valuable customer purchase trends. Knowing where customers are engaging takes the guesswork out of marketing strategy and enables retailers and manufacturers to get a higher return on investment from advertising and promotional offers. A recent case study we did highlights how a major retailer saved millions using secure dynamic codes for offers. 


Personalization in Dynamic Email Offers

Today’s shopper will show higher levels of engagement with a personalized offer. Customization includes using their name along with catering to their preferences based on demographic information, past purchase history, or other behaviors.

While direct mail marketing campaigns provide personalization offline, both retailers and customers alike are finding themselves investing more resources and time on online efforts. Dynamic email offers enable retailers to send smarter, easier email promotions with dynamic content customized to generate more engagement. Marketers can create one-to-one marketing opportunities that make shoppers feel valued.  

Dynamic email offers from RevTrax are fully trackable. A line of code is embedded within the email template to deliver personalized offers at the moment of open. For example, apparel marketers could send a weather-based promotion using dynamic email, sending offers for relevant clothing items depending on the weather at the user’s location during the time of open.

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Offer Redemption Through Affiliates

Retailers want to ensure their offers get into the hands of as many customers as possible and customers are looking to save wherever they can. Affiliate marketing achieves both goals and offers a viable solution to maximizing the power and reach of online offers that drive in-store sales.

Retailers can deploy secure, trackable offer codes to their affiliate partners. Upon customers redeeming offers in stores, valuable path-to-purchase insights are unlocked. The unique codes attached to the offer provide retailers with information about the offer, affiliate, and the in-store redemption process.

Affiliate marketing can be a big driver for in-store sales. Creating offers with greater reach increases awareness, and also the likelihood of redemption. RevTrax Receipt Upload is a new cutting-edge solution designed to deploy in-store affiliate marketing campaigns quickly. The technology allows shoppers to upload receipts to the platform, and redeem their offers for a prepaid or virtual gift card in the amount of the offer. Watch our video to see Receipt Upload in action or participate in our demo to try it yourself.

For more information on the RevTrax Receipt Upload and affiliate marketing solutions, download our one-pager or contact us today.


Jonathan Treiber is the CEO & Co-founder of RevTrax


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