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Dynamic Email Offers

Send smarter, easier email promotions with dynamic content

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Dynamic Email Success StoryBy streamlining email workflows, RevTrax was able to help a brand marketer reduce the working hours to execute a personalized weather data-dependent campaign.
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Drive conversions with relevant content offers, without the messy segmentation

Email promotion is a solid investment for marketers — but targeted emails usually come with a price: complicated list segmentation, managing multiple campaigns, and pricy CRM integrations.

With RevTrax dynamic email offers, simply drop a line of code into your current email template and deliver the right offer to the right person — at the moment of open. These personalized promotions load instantly and are fully trackable.

RevTrax core technology combined with data science delivers a relevant offer or product based on previous purchase behavior, audience segments, and other factors. This lets marketers create a strong one-to-one marketing experience without the fuss of manual segmentation.

Personalization with Data

Reach each customer with just one email send. Robust first-party path-to-purchase data allows retailers to personalize email offers dynamically at the moment of open. By leveraging advanced data science and machine learning, RevTrax ensures the right offer to the right person at the right time. Make your promotions more effective by auto-optimizing offer-values, creative variables, or both. And all of that valuable first-party path-to-purchase date? Fed back into your marketing and data stack (DMP, CRM, Marketing Cloud) for continuous optimization.

Protect Your Promotions from Fraud

With hundreds of millions of dollars lost each year in counterfeit and misuse, manufacturers and retailers must be vigilant in protecting themselves against promotional fraud. RevTrax core incentive technology uses personalized offers, single-use links, customizable print limits, individualized barcodes, predictive fraud alerts, and more to make sure you retain control over how your offers are shared and redeemed.

Buy Online, Pick-up In Store

“Buy online, pick-up in store” is a popular retail feature customers love. Now leverage RevTrax Dynamic CRM for upselling opportunities for increased sales. Dynamic email allows retailers to serve complimentary offers and content based on the products a customer just purchased. As a result, retailers capitalize on purchase momentum to maximize in-store purchases and revenue.