The RevTrax Offer Management Platform

Receive 1:1 consumer attribution, mitigate promotional fraud and optimize promotional campaigns with The Offer Management Platform.

Over 345 Million Optimized Engagements and Counting


The Offer Management Platform (OMP) is a closed loop system that fully integrates into your existing tech stack, delivering a 360-degree view of your individual consumers and how they react to your offers.


Our flagship solution combines first-party data collection, 1:1 attribution, best-in-class security with strategy and support from our Client Services Team to optimize your entire promotional marketing program, resulting in increased sales, customer acquisition, loyalty and retention.

The One-Stop Shop for All Your Promotional Marketing Needs

1:1 Consumer Attribution: Our closed-loop system delivers complete path-to-purchase insights from offer engagement through redemption

      • Get a 360-Degree View: Connect audience data, media channels and other key attributes to each conversion.
      • Make Your Data Work for You: Utilize your DMP, CRM and other existing data assets to determine who gets what offer.
      • Measure Campaign Performance: Immediately analyze engagement data through our intuitive dashboard and detailed custom reports.

Promotional Fraud Protection: RevTrax clients saved over $44M in 2020 with our security suite

      • Secure offers throughout the entire consumer journey
      • Identify and exclude fraudulent actors from offers
      • Control the consumer and offer experience

Optimize Promotions: Deploy campaigns up to 83% faster with support from our world-class Client Services Team

      • Automate the creation, distribution and tracking of consumer promotions across all marketing channels and all formats
      • Enable multichannel distribution and ensure better control by using one platform across all channels
      • Manage and optimize campaigns with assistance from our dedicated Client Services Team

    Standard Features Of The OMP


    • Unify First-Party Data: Utilize your DMP, CRM and other existing data assets to determine who gets what offer. 
    • Collect Path to Purchase Insights: The OMP enables marketers to close the loop and connect granular data about audience, media channel and other key attributes from initial engagement through offer redemption.
    • Offers Delivered In Any Format: Print-at-Home, Mobile Wallet, eCommerce, eReceipt Rewards, and many more – connected to any purchase online, in-store or on a phone.
    • Merge Your Channels: Enhance campaign efficiency by using one platform across all paid and owned channels including email, search, social, display/video and more.
    • Best In Class Security and Service: Our patented technology is fully configurable and protects both your offers and your budgets.

    The RevTrax Impact

    Fraud Prevention Success Story

    “Once an offer is printed and redeemed, RevTrax tracks engagement back to the individual CRMID. If consumers engage in photocopy fraud, our system will recognize the fraudulent redemption, tie it back to an individual ID and block access to all future offers.”

    – Product Manager at RevTrax

    • 290% Increase in Fraud Prevention

    • 1.6M+ Fraudsters Blocked from Future Offers

    • $2M+ In Savings in First Half of 2020


    290% Increase in Fraud Prevention
    1.6M+ Fraudsters Blocked from Future Offers
    $2M+ In Savings in First Half of 2020


    “There is something unique about the RevTrax Platform: The fact that they can provide a true 1:1 measurement between a specific placement and a specific sale.”
    Applegate, Brand Partner

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