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Grow Your Email List and Increase Conversions with Profit Optimization Solutions for Email Marketers

Price is Everything

Price rules the day in shoppers’ decision-making. In fact, recent studies show that “value and savings” is more important than “brand reputation” for more than three-quarters of consumers.1  Never has this held more true for email marketing, the backbone of every brand’s retail and ecommerce engine.

But for all the innovation that has gone into “right offer, right time, right person,” perhaps the most important factor in determining whether a consumer will shop with you or your competitor — price — has largely been missing from the personalization equation. Until now.

Enter RevTrax Email Marketing: Profit Optimization Solutions for Email Marketers.

1What If Media Group, “The Pandemic Shopper,” February 2021, n = 48,172 American adults

Increase On-Site Opt-Ins by Over 20% 

List growth is a perennial top 3 priority – and challenge – for email marketers. With a quarter of lists churning and/or becoming inactive each year, the pressure is on not just to acquire new new subscribers, but also to replenish lists to make up for the subscribers you’ve lost. Our technology easily integrates with your existing content management systems and email marketing platforms to grow your list with engaged new subscribers, while ensuring the highest levels of LTV.

  • Use the most powerful motivator in your marketing arsenal – discounts and promotions – to get more people opting-in to your email list
  • Leverage AI to dynamically serve the perfect offer value to get each individual to sign up. Some consumers will bite at 5% off, while others might not sign up unless the pot is sweeter. Let our proprietary data and AI determine the optimal offer to get consumers signed up for your list in droves.
  • Optimize LTV by “setting the tone” early. Email recipients expect a consistent experience and value exchange – make sure you aren’t setting the wrong expectations by sending needlessly large discounts to consumers who are willing to spend more. Likewise, make sure that bargain seekers know that when they need to make their next purchase, to look for your brand name in their inbox.

Grow Conversions by Over 50%

RevTrax’s personalized offer technology has been embedded in email campaigns for over a decade – it is our clients’ second most utilized channel for coupon and promotion delivery outside of the web. With our new AI-driven profit optimization technology, we take RevTrax powered emails to the next level, with dynamic, optimally priced offers, discounts and coupons for each recipient, driving increased conversions and profitability, while still preserving the closed loop attribution that we have always been known for.

  • Transition from “one-size-fits-all” email coupons to dynamically optimized, real-time offers that display the perfect discount, incentive or promotion to each individual recipient at the moment of open.
  • AI-powered RevTrax emails have been proven to outperform static emails by up to 52% when it comes to the number of coupons, discounts, or other incentives redeemed by recipients.
  • Easily integrates with every ESP. Set up takes minutes. You won’t even need to get IT involved (unless you really want to).

Create Stand-Out Inbox Experiences That Increase Engagement and Sales

With consumers inundated with marketing messages every time they turn on the TV, scan their social media newsfeed, browse the web, and, of course, check their email inboxes — cutting through the clutter is no easy feat. Leveraging our proprietary gamified offer technology, send emails that create deeper engagement with each recipient and increase conversions and sales.

  • Make promotional campaign emails deeply engrossing by leveraging interactive email elements to stimulate increased click through rates and conversions.
  • Motion graphics simulate a “game of chance” for the user – prompting users to take proactive actions to find out “what they won”.
  • Options include “Wheel of Fortune”, “Slot Machine”, and “Scratch Off” (*coming soon) gamified user experiences.

Security and Attribution

With RevTrax, every coupon, offer, and incentive in your email campaigns is unique and personalized to each individual consumer — protecting against fraud, repeat-usage, and out of control “deals gone viral” situations that can far too often crush profits (and cause PR nightmares). On the brighter side, also because each offer is unique to the individual, you can now track beyond “last click” and get every email you send the proper credit it deserves for driving sales – whether on your website or at the register in-stores.

  • Easily send out offers that are personalized and device responsive.
  • Integrates seamlessly with any ESP or in-house email deployment system. Send each email using your existing authenticated domain(s) and IP address(es).
  • Prevent fraud and viral offers, while eliminating the time burden of creating multiple segments and campaigns.

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