Get the most out of your offers with AI-driven solutions for marketing, personalization, analytics and more through the most comprehensive set of promotion optimization solutions and services available.

AI Powered Personalized

Our AI-powered technology uses independent consumer analytics and marketing automation technology to incentivize consumers at the lowest amount needed for conversion and not a cent more in real-time. We match your promotions to customers based on predictive analytics, resulting in more conversions, higher margin sales, and an optimal customer experience.

Digital Coupons, Offers & Rebates

The Universal Mobile OfferTM digitizes the coupon, rebate, and  promotion experience for brands, retailers and consumers. It is designed to eradicate the inefficiencies of paper coupons, reduce environmental waste and promote saving safely – since there are fewer paper exchanges at check out and delivers 1:1 consumer attribution to brands.

Predictive Analytics, Behavioral Segmenting & Targeting

Predictive Purchase Data™ (PPD) proposes a new way for businesses to reach known and unknown consumers in a personalized manner, while at the same time allowing for people who are targeted to remain anonymous. 

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1:1 Personalization

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CRM Marketing – Loyalty & Retention

Since 2008, we’ve helped hundreds of brands acquire millions of new customers, build a robust first-party data asset, motivate existing customers and increase engagement with loyalty programs.

Promotions Automation & Offer Management

Automate the creation, distribution and tracking of consumer discounts, coupons and incentives across any marketing channel. Ensure better control by using one platform to manage your promotions across all paid and owned channels.

Promotional Fraud Prevention

Security and control are the foundation of what we do. Our patented technology has saved our clients over $81M since 2018 and is designed to protect your business against fraud from offer delivery through redemption.

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Channel Solutions: Brand Site, Email, Social, Search & Display, Video, SMS & more

Deploy promotions across any marketing channel on one platform and connect consumer behaviors to any purchase in-store or online. Fuse our path-to-purchase data with your DMP, CRM or Marketing Cloud and receive omni-channel analytics, insights, and optimizations that drive results.

Customer Service Solution

Empower your customer service team with the ability to select and deliver secure, personalized offers on-demand. Replace or complement traditional circulars, freestanding inserts, and direct mail solutions and respond to customer service inquiries in a faster, more efficient manner.