RevTrax AI

Drive more profitable sales, new business, repeat purchases, consumer engagement and more with personalized promotions powered by artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Brands that utilize RevTrax AI move up to 55% more units than with standard offers


Companies are always looking for the best possible returns on their marketing campaigns, however, they typically employ a one-size-fits-all strategy which is inefficient.

Delivering personalized promotions based on predictive modeling are more likely to drive conversions than generic ones. This is why we created RevTrax AI.

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence


  • Win more business at higher margins, move additional units, optimize customer acquisition and more
  • Understand both known and unknown consumers while adhering to all consumer data privacy laws
  • Easily transition from one-size-fits-all marketing to personalized, AI-optimized promotions
More Profitable Sales

How It Works


By studying over a decade of consumer response to promotions (i.e. offers, discounts, coupons and incentives), RevTrax AI utilizes state of the art machine learning algorithms to automatically deliver each consumer the lowest offer amount needed for conversion and not a cent more. And best of all, this is done in a privacy by design framework, which adheres to all consumer data privacy laws.


  1. Our Data Science Team works with you to set up and launch your campaign
  2. RevTrax AI analyzes your audience, scanning both known and unknown consumers in real-time
  3. Once scored, each consumer receives the lowest possible offer needed for conversion

RevTrax AI learns, adapts and optimizes campaigns over time delivering both short-term results and long-term benefits.

The RevTrax Impact

Client Success Story: Clorox

“As we think of personalization, understanding the consumer and the consumer experience it goes back to AI…We’re meeting [consumer] needs and providing trust in a really personalized way. Which is something we are really hyper focused on.”

– Brand Engagement Lead at The Clorox Company

  • 27% Increase in Audience Engagement
  • 660% Increase in Weighted Units Moved
  • $196k+ Increase in Estimated Gross Sales
  • “77% of marketing teams in high-performing
    companies use AI applications in marketing efforts.”
    – Salesforce State of Marketing Survey

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