Universal Mobile OfferTM

A fully digital coupon, offer, rebate and incentive experience that delivers 1:1 consumer attribution, eliminates promotional fraud and fully integrates with your existing technology.

RevTrax AI

Companies are always looking for the best possible returns on their marketing campaigns, however, they typically employ a one-size-fits-all strategy which is inefficient.

Delivering personalized promotions based on predictive modeling is more likely to drive conversions than generic ones. This is why we created RevTrax AI.

Predictive Purchase DataTM

Predictive Purchase Data (PPD) proposes a new way for businesses to reach known and unknown consumers in a personalized manner, while at the same time allowing the people who are targeted to remain anonymous.

PPD is an audience targeting and segmentation solution inferred from a decade of consumer behavioral insights with an online match rate of 98% for our predictive models. Since this data isn’t specific to ever-evolving individualized demographic data, but rather behavioral intent, it’s constantly adapting and always applicable.

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The Offer Management Platform

The Offer Management Platform (OMP) is a closed loop system that fully integrates into your existing tech stack, delivering a 360-degree view of your individual consumers and how they react to your offers. 

Receive 1:1 consumer attribution, mitigate promotional fraud and optimize promotional campaigns with The Offer Management Platform.