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For Retail

An Offer Management Platform driving in-store sales for greater engagement, acquisition, and retention.

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Case Study: How Staples Connected the Dots Between Paid Search and In-Store Sales By integrating ad performance with retail sales, Staples drove brand engagement, increased traffic, and improved overall SEO while gaining insights into how their customers engage both online and offline. With RevTrax, the retailer achieved a 200% incremental ROI increase.
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Smarter, More Secure Offers

RevTrax works with all kinds of retailers – from those that have the latest and greatest POS systems to franchised brands with disparate and outdated systems.   Some clients want RevTrax to provide single-use code functionality via our offer validation API, some clients want to give us a bank of codes to distribute, and some clients want to utilize our white-labeled receipt upload solution to avoid codes and POS entirely.   Regardless of technical sophistication, the RevTrax Offer Management Platform has a solution for you.

The RevTrax OMP is middleware that sits between your POS system and digital marketing channels with no development work required to serve secure offers across both paid and owned channels.   Our technology is mobile-first and seamlessly integrates with the rest of your marketing stack and vendor ecosystem to ensure secure serving of offers to consumers. 


Greater Results

Marketing campaigns with intelligent offers deliver results.

Download Staples Case Study
"With data-driven ad optimizations, the average cost-per-click dropped by 11%, with two branded keywords driving over 50% in revenue."


Higher conversion rates


More cross-selling


Customer reactivation


Customer growth


Increased customer loyalty


Staples: Retail Case Study

Staples, the office supply and business services giant, wanted to gain concrete visibility into how their search marketing investments were impacting in-store sales and the overall customer path-to-purchase. Partnering with RevTrax, Staples was able to develop a digital promotions program to optimize their search campaign for in-store sales, which increased their ROI by 200%. This campaign also succeeded in driving engagement of existing customers, increasing offer redemption by 148%, and decreasing the average cost-per-click by 11%.

RevTrax helped Staples connect the dots from online search behaviors to offline purchases, while controlling costs and gathering data for analysis and actionable insight.

Download Staples Case Study


  • DMP Integrations: Use audience data to dynamically determine the right offer when a consumer engages with your media.
  • Media optimization: Utilize RevTrax integrations with your media partners to optimize media to an actual sale.
  • Pass-based marketing: Leverage RevTrax integrations with major mobile wallets to create 1-click passes directly from media.  Passes can communicate with consumer’s device to drive engagement. 
  • Registration gating with validation: Gate sites with secure registration forms that use a triggered email to validate email addresses acquired and ensure data hygiene. 
  • Social Sharing: Reward consumers for referring friends to sign up and shop or downstream activity such as purchases.
  • Social Goals: If x# of people complete a certain action within a given timeframe, everyone wins. 


  • CRM & Loyalty Program Integrations: RevTrax integrates with your CRM system and loyalty partners to ensure that we can easily render loyalty offers to consumers across devices and channels.
  • Connect loyalty to media: Serve personalized messages to consumers within media (ex. “You’re only 500 points away!”) based on data from CRM and loyalty systems.
  • Standardized offer content: Use CRM & Loyalty program data to show a consistent offer message across all paid and owned channels.
  • Activate dormants: Let RevTrax create the right offer for each segment of your database to reactivate dormant consumers.
  • Offer value testing: Dynamically test different offer values against database segments to increase basket size, frequency and lower cost per sale

RevTrax Solutions for Retail

Smart Offer Formats
  • Mobile Wallet
  • eCommerce Offers
  • Printable Coupons
  • Direct Mail
Channel Solutions
  • Email 
  • Social Media
  • Affiliate
  • Search
  • Display Media
  • SMS/Mobile Text
  • Brand Site & Apps
  • Content Portal
Data Science Solutions
  • Online-to-Offline Tracking
  • Performance Reporting
  • 1:1 Personalization
  • DMP/CRM Integration
  • Auto Optimizer
  • Offer-value Testing
  • Creative Testing
  • Campaign ROI
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Custom Analytics

Download the Case Study

Integrating Ad Performance with Retail Sales: Staples Case Study

By connecting the dots between paid search and sales, Staples optimized their ad campaigns for 200% growth with RevTrax.  

Download the case study to learn how Staples was able to:

  • Optimize their investment in Paid Search Ads by discovering which keywords performed best.
  • Increase overall redemption rates by 148% from the first to the last week. 
  • Achieve a 200% incremental ROI increase.
  • Decrease average cost-per-click by 11%.