CPG Marketing Strategies to Maximize Holiday Sales

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, CPG marketers can implement an effective holiday marketing strategy to drive sales. CPG sales continue to grow, and are expected to jump from $635 billion in 2015 to more than $720 billion in 2020. While many industries see an increase in sales in October, November, and December, CPG companies have a unique opportunity. Consumer-packaged goods are a necessity for parties, as well as being practical gifts for loved ones.

Engaging customers with a well-rounded strategy including tactics like high-value offers, print-at-home solutions, receipt uploads and more can help to drive CPG sales over the coming months.


Download the report to get the insights on redemption data across channels for the holiday months of October, November, and December.


Redeem Print-At-Home Offers and Offer Cards

Marketers can promote high-value offers through print-and-mail coupons, or deliver promotions on offer cards for easy redemption in stores. Companies who gate print-at-home offers with email address requirements can use the additional data and insights to provide more promotional offers in the future based on consumer behaviors and purchase history.

RevTrax offers both of these solutions with dynamic serialized barcodes that deliver online-to-offline analytics back to the CPG company to shape marketing strategy and give customers the convenience they desire.

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Leverage Search and Social in CPG Holiday Marketing Strategy

Additionally, marketers who leverage search and social channels during the holiday months see greater offer redemption rates. Customers engaging with search or social offers generally have had some interest in these products whether it is through their past search history, follows, or likes.

“…brands can leverage even more high-value keywords than they would during the rest of the year. Terms like “Great Secret Santa gifts for your co-workers” or “Gifts under $20 for your spouse” litter the internet for months on end. Brands who already invest in paid search for general customer acquisition would do well to incorporate targeted promotions alongside those search terms to see some significant purchase data.” — RevTrax Holiday Promotions Benchmarking Report

Although search and social media have the highest promotions redemption rates during the holiday months, marketers should not ignore the power of brand websites. While search and social are useful in targeting new customers, brand websites are often the best way to continue engagement with the most loyal followers. Companies can use their website to their advantage, presenting exclusive offers that improve your brand’s reputation and give shoppers a reason to keep coming back, even after the holidays.

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Increase Holiday Offer Redemption Rates with Receipt Upload

RevTrax Receipt Upload is a cutting-edge solution for manufacturers that works across stores without any technology integration required. Often CPGs struggle with distribution as different retailers may use unique POS systems. Receipt Upload solves this issue, giving brands a platform to share promotions with retailers for distribution to customers who can easily redeem offers from mobile devices. After uploading an image of their receipt, customers are able to collect their savings through a prepaid or virtual gift card within 48 hours delivered directly to their mobile device wherever they are.

Try RevTrax Receipt Upload to launch and distribute your next offer through partner retailers. Customers who capitalize on the offers will receive the deals they’re looking for this holiday season, and retailers will be able to use the insights to shape future marketing strategy.

To take an in-depth look at holiday marketing trends, download our Holiday Promotions Benchmarking Report, or contact us today.


Jonathan Treiber is the CEO & Co-founder of RevTrax


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