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Social Media Offers and Social Sharing

Embed Smart Offers across your social channels to incentivize sharing, advocacy, and referrals.

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Case Study: A Lesson From noosanoosa is leading the yoghurt craze and pushing Greek yoghurt out of the way. Having become well established in the breakfast and dessert market, noosa looked for additional opportunities to…
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Create brand ambassadors and drive social advocacy

By integrating RevTrax PromoTech into your social media, connect social engagement to sales. For every engagement, track when an offer is viewed, shared, activated, and redeemed. Marketers gain insights into which channel and offer led to a purchase while incentivizing and tracking the spread of social shares.

Did you know that tapping into brand advocates results in an average 32% increase in offer activations? With RevTrax, deploy shareable promotions across any social platform. Brands can choose the best advocacy flow for their audience: whether customers must share content to receive an offer, to improve an offer-value, or to unlock additional offers.

Increase Sharing & Earned Awareness

RevTrax Social Sharing lets marketers enable brand advocacy to create “earned” promotional reach. By combining higher offer-values to incentivize customers to share, as well as 1:1 dynamic offer codes, brands can tap into the networks of their customers to scale and optimize their social sharing across platforms. Multiple social integrations let brands choose how they’d like customers to share promotions: before accessing offers, to receive better offers, after accessing offers, or any other configuration. This allows brands to track promotions across “generations" of shares across channels to understand influence, gain path-to-purchase insights, and build valuable first-party data.

Integrate Across any Social Platform

Create brand ambassadors within each of your social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Deploy shareable Smart Offers that work anywhere, track which creatives are effective on which platform, and optimize your paid social spend by focusing on the audiences that provide you the highest return every time.

Protect Your Promotions From Fraud

With hundreds of millions of dollars lost each year in counterfeit and misuse, manufacturers and retailers must be vigilant in protecting themselves against coupon fraud. RevTrax provides a robust suite of security features like personalized offers, single-use links, customizable print limits, individualized barcodes, predictive fraud alerts, and more to make sure you retain control over how your offers are shared and redeemed.

Build a First-Party Data Asset

With online-to-offline tracking, brands gain valuable first-party data that links online engagement to offer redemptions and ROI. These path-to-purchase insights allow marketers to optimize digital campaign efforts, and can be scaled across all other marketing channels.