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Personalized offers and insights - connecting online behaviors to offline sales with the RevTrax Offer Management Platform.

Tired of a one-size fits all offer strategy?  Most of our clients engage with us because they’ve worked with other vendors where everyone gets the same offer, your offers are right next to competitors and it’s effectively a race to the bottom on effective price with promotion.  On top of that, data and reporting tend to be pretty limited.

CPG brands often come to RevTrax to support a CRM strategy with personalized offers, optimize promotional spend and build a customer data asset to reduce dependence on 3rd party networks.  Most brands leverage our print at home and receipt upload technology, but we also offer load to card, print and mail and high-value offer cards. 

Our Offer Management Platform (OMP) work across all channels and offer formats - integrating with your DMP, CRM or Marketing Cloud, connecting online behaviors to any purchase. With RevTrax, let your data become an asset for marketing ROI.

Greater Results

Marketing campaigns with intelligent offers deliver results.

Download Noosa Case Study
“There is something unique about the RevTrax platform: The fact that they can provide a true 1:1 measurement between a specific placement and a specific sale.”
Applegate Brand Partner


Higher conversion rates


More cross-selling


Customer reactivation


Customer growth


Increased customer loyalty

Do You Know Where Your Offers Are?

Today offers delivered without an OMP don't drive insights:

  • Seen only by “deal-seekers” - subsidizing existing purchases
  • Brands show up on coupon sites next to competitors
  • Generic offers – limited/no personalization
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud every year

And most don’t track meaningful data:

  • Campaign data stuck on separate islands
  • Limited/no first-party purchase data (deterministic)
  • Brands can’t connect the dots across the digital ecosystem

Our OMP Benefits Every Group Across Your Brand

RevTrax works to create unique value for groups across the entire CPG organization. Here are just some of the features that our OMP provides for Consumer Promotions, Shopper Marketing, Sampling, Sales Planning, CRM, Customer Service and more:

      • Optimize promotional budgets by lowering cost per unit moved
      • Introduce fully digital offer formats to increase consumer satisfaction with promotional experience
      • Reduce dependence on 3rd party mass networks by owning audience
      • Reduce internal workload by utilizing RevTrax as an offer agency  
      • Acquire new consumers, expand engagement data and incentivize key behaviors
      • Add intelligent offers across formats to scale programs
      • Redemption of national consumer promotions via key ecommerce retailers
      • Connect each click to a brick & mortar transaction to measure/optimize spend
      • Use audience data from RevTrax for more efficient targeting
      • Real-time behavioral testing platform includes non-loyalty consumer transaction data (ex. Walmart)
      • No need to ship product with sampling offering
      • Activate sampling audience to continue communication
      • Eliminate coupon checks and fraud

RevTrax Solutions for CPG

Smart Offer Solutions
    • Print-at-Home
    • Load-to-Card
    • Mobile Wallet
    • eCommerce Offers
    • Sampling Cards
    • Print & Mail
    • Direct Mail Retargeting
    • Healthcare Offers
Channel Solutions
  • Brand Site
  • Content Portal
  • Email Offers
  • SMS Offers
  • Paid Search 
  • Display Media
  • Social Media
  • Social Sharing
  • Customer Service
  • DMP Integration
Data Science Solutions
  • Online-to-Offline Tracking
  • Performance Reporting
  • 1:1 Personalization
  • DMP/CRM Integration
  • Auto Optimizer
  • Offer-value Testing
  • Creative Testing
  • Campaign ROI
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Custom Analytics

Download the Case Study

Creating Brand Ambassadors Using RevTrax: noosa Case Study

Learn how noosa's ongoing campaign drove incremental sales, new user acquisition, and sustained social engagement. 

Download the case study to learn how noosa was able to:

  • Convert current consumers into brand ambassadors
  • Attract new audiences to your brand
  • Drive trials and incremental sales of your products
  • Encourage social advocacy
  • Measure consumer engagement
  • Drive CRM acquisition
  • Demonstrate overall campaign ROI