3 Ways to Optimize Affiliate Marketing Campaigns with an Offer Management Platform


Affiliate marketing campaigns are a great way to attract new customers who might be unaware of your brand or offerings. However, when your promotions are distributed through different publishers, it can be a challenge to track offers from an online referral to an in-store purchase.

An offer management platform (OMP) can facilitate optimization of your affiliate marketing campaigns in 2019 to drive incremental in-store sales using segmentation, tracking, mobile optimization, and enhanced security measures. An OMP ensures that your distributed offers remain both secure and trackable to get valuable customer path-to-purchase insights that can shape future marketing campaigns in the months and years to come.


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1. Segment Your Offers for New and Existing Customers

Organizations that use an offer management platform to control their affiliate marketing campaign can segment audiences – new and existing – for different content and offers that would appeal to their needs.

This in turn yields a higher return on investment as promotions have been designed for specific audiences engaging with your brand from an affiliate partner. New visitors could receive a welcome offer such as “15% off their first purchase,” and existing customers could receive an offer based on a qualifying past purchase.

Distributing promotional offers that put the customer first are more likely to be redeemed than those that do not. Customers will be more receptive to offers that align with their needs. Using demographic information and past purchase history, marketers can use an OMP to deliver offers that resonate with its base, in turn increasing redemption rates and overall sales.

Beyond segmentation, an OMP can help track offers at both the stock keeping unit (SKU) and member levels. SKU numbers are assigned by the manufacturer and allows them to determine inventory levels, sales, and show variants of specific products with unique identifiers.


2. Optimize Your Offers for Mobile

Brands no longer have to worry about customers getting discouraged because the offer isn’t appearing correctly on their mobile device and the inability to redeem an offer. Brands can use an OMP to standardize layouts and delivery for mobile optimization on affiliate channels.

Brands and affiliates can not only distribute offers to mobile devices, but they can be tracked throughout the redemption journey using a persistent ID. Once redeemed, the audience conversion data is captured and linked to the persistent ID, delivering comprehensive data that can be used to further optimize future offers, campaigns, and segmentation efforts.


3. Enhanced Security to Prevent Fraud

Offers that are shared are susceptible to abuse and misuse. However, RevTrax OMP ensures that affiliate offers are protected with enhanced security against reposting. Codes are single-use and unique to each user. This improves marketer data insights as well as eliminating offer fraud that could potentially cost brands valuable revenue, and valuable commission dollars for affiliates.

Offers are currency and it is important to protect your most valuable assets. Preventing users from reposting offers by utilizing unique codes can ensure that offers are only being redeemed by those for which they are intended.

Brands can leverage RevTrax OMP to work with affiliate marketing programs to continue to push for in-store sales and give reasons for customers to increase spend. To entice customers, optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns to get 2019 started off right.

To learn more about using RevTrax offer management platform to optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns, contact us today.


Jonathan Treiber is the CEO & Co-founder of RevTrax

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