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Offer Management Platform

The RevTrax Offer Management Platform makes it easy to run smarter offers and drive more value from your digital marketing efforts.

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Offers are currency – protect them.  Manage offers so they only go to your targeted audience. RevTrax offers a configurable approach to offer security that leverages a variety of leading features. Below are just a few ways our OMP and patented security suite puts control back into your hands:

  • User level security: Ensure that an individual user can only access an offer x # of times.
  • Offer access security: Ensure that a user must come from the approved flow to access an offer.
  • Global-over redeemer score: Ability to measure bad engagement (ex. running a script) or over-redemption by a consumer and create a global scoring system across clients to block bad actors.



Your digital offers have a story to tell. Gain actionable insights about the consumer journey across digital channels. 

  • Path to purchase: RevTrax enables marketers to connect granular information about audience, media channel, and other key attributes to each conversion.
  • Measure everything: This is particularly effective for tracking conversion from digital engagement to in-store sales.
  • Invest in your future: Marketers use RevTrax measurement technology to make an investment in 1st party data.
  • Build a promotions database: Promotions data is a long term play, not campaign to campaign.

Save Money

Stop subsidizing purchases that would have happened anyway. Optimize your offer-delivery with data to reduce offer-values.

  • Break the habit: Most marketers waste money by running too many inefficient offers, but don’t have the right data and platform to break this destructive cycle. 
  • Leverage audience data: Utilize your DMP, CRM, and other existing data assets to determine who gets what offer.  RevTrax can score each consumer’s promotional sensitivity.
  • Unify your channels: Ensure better control by using one platform across all paid and owned channels.
  • Take a phased approach: Start by doing smarter execution on your existing offers.  Grow to a place where we can help you use your data to discover new and better offers.


Channel Solutions

Connect the dots across your marketing campaigns with RevTrax promotions on any channel: email, website, search, social, display, affiliate, and much more.

  • Our Partners Are Your Partners: RevTrax integrates with all of your data technology - DMP, CRM, and Marketing Clouds - to deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time.
  • Grow Your Data: Using RevTrax allows you to bolster first-party data for your brand, connected to actual sales.
  • Personalizations With Your Customer In Mind: We treat your customers like ours and the RevTrax OMP allows for consistent customizations for your audience segments across channels.
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The RevTrax OMP isn't just about delivery across channels. We have endless configurations to allow your customers to redeem offers in any form they want.

  • Offers Delivered In Any Format: Print-at-Home, Mobile Wallet, eCommerce, Direct Mail, and many more - connected to any purchase, online, in-store, or to phone.
  • Consistent Experience: Place RevTrax SmartOffers® into any digital vehicle, tap into seamless data technology integrations, and deliver personalized offers that enhance your brand’s customer intelligence while maintaining consistency regardless of the format.
  • Best In Class Security and Service: Our robust security suite is fully configurable and provides the most secure and user-friendly experience possible.
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