One-Size-Fits-All Promotions Cost Businesses Over 1T Dollars a Year

Get the most from your promotions with AI-driven solutions for marketing, personalization, analytics and more through the most comprehensive set of promotion optimization solutions and services available.

Maximize Your Promotional Dollars

More than half of all consumer products purchased are bought “on sale”, and while traditional promotions can drive demand, they do so in an inefficient way. Brands are often forced to sacrifice margin in order to drive conversions. Most promotions executed are susceptible to fraud, costing industries trillions of dollars. There is a better way.

RevTrax allows you to easily personalize and connect with individual customers at scale. By combining artificial intelligence, predictive consumer analytics and marketing automation, your entire promotional strategy is optimized, delivering better revenue and margin performance, greater customer engagement, brand loyalty as well as a reduction in promotional fraud.

Optimizing your promotional strategy can increase sales by 3–6% and profits by 5–10% over the promotional period.

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Universal Mobile

The Premier Retailer-Agnostic, Digital Offer for CPG



AI-driven, Personalized Promotions


Purchase Data™

Behavioral-based Personalization, Segmentation & Audience Targeting


Offer Management Platform

Coupon, Incentive, Promotion & Offer Management in one-place
Business Impact

Over 345 Million Optimized Engagements and Counting


Over the past decade, we’ve analyzed how consumers behave to variances in pricing and promotions. With over 1.2 Billion data points, our technology is able to analyze both known and unknown audiences and deploy hyper-personalized offers and promotions with a higher chance of conversion in a privacy by design framework.

We match your promotions to consumers based on predictive analytics, resulting in more conversions, higher margin sales and a reduction in promotional fraud all while delivering the optimal customer experience.

– Win more business at higher margins, increase units moved, boost customer acquisition and more

– Convert known and unknown audiences through behavioral targeting & independent predictive analytics

– Automate the creation, distribution and tracking of consumer discounts, coupons and incentives across omnichannel campaigns

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Case Studies
RevTrax Value Exchange Opt-In Report 2021

RevTrax Value Exchange Opt-In Report 2021

A comprehensive look at the nation's top retailer, CPG and QSR brands' acquisition strategies. Email acquisition has never been more important - or as challenging - as it is today. In this exclusive report, we reveal and discuss: The findings of a comprehensive audit...

2021 RevTrax Promotions Benchmark Report

2021 RevTrax Promotions Benchmark Report

Redemption Rates & Other Critical Insights Across Product Categories, Marketing Channels, and More! With over a decade of experience analyzing hundreds of millions of data points across the world's leading brands, RevTrax's annual Promotions Benchmarks Report is...

Cat’s Pride eReceipt Rewards Case Study

Cat’s Pride eReceipt Rewards Case Study

Cat’s Pride, one of Oil-Dri Corporation’s most popular brands, was looking to execute a campaign which would give back to consumers during this unprecedented times…