RevTrax Value Exchange Opt-In Report 2021

A comprehensive look at the nation’s top retailer, CPG and QSR brands’ acquisition strategies.

Email acquisition has never been more important – or as challenging – as it is today. In this exclusive report, we reveal and discuss:

  • The findings of a comprehensive audit of the nation’s top retail, CPG and QSR brands; specifically the use of promotional incentives to encourage email list sign ups (*hint: the results may shock you!)
  • How frequently various types of discounts are used to acquire email addresses, for example dollars off, percent off, and alternative incentives like free shipping, loyalty rewards points, and buy-on-get-one free offers (BOGO).
  • How smart marketers are leveraging state-of-the-art technology and AI to boost email sign ups by over 50% through offering highly personalized “data value exchanges” with consumers.

Download the report today to access these critical insights and more!

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