Protect Your Holiday Offers with the RevTrax Offer Management Platform

For the last several months, brand advertisers have been carefully analyzing trends and developing promotions for segmented offers with a finite budget to launch as part of a holiday marketing strategy. They spend weeks and months designing the right campaign with the right offer that they hope will go to the right audience. But that’s not how it always works.

In many cases, high-value offers end up on undesirable sites, suffer from over-redemption, and can not be contained. These sites do not use technology to secure their offers. Over-redemption cripples the intent of the offer, often costing a business much of their revenue during this time. Unfortunately, a few bad apples can ruin a festive holiday offer-season for advertisers of every shape and size.


Learn how one retailer saved $22 million with secure dynamic codes that seamlessly integrated with their legacy POS system.



Design Effective Holiday Marketing Strategy

The holiday season is also the heart of the shopping season. With patrons purchasing gifts for their loved ones, it’s critical to deliver relevant smart offers to entice shoppers to spend their hard-earned dollars at your store. However, many businesses will distribute offers only to leave them unsecured and susceptible to over-redemption that can cost a business valuable revenue.

We created a comic to show the typical story, which looks something like this:LostOfferComicHowever, your situation doesn’t have to look like this. Taking the right steps before launching your holiday marketing campaigns can ensure that your offers remain secured to prevent coupon fraud, misuse, and over-redemption. 


Use an OMP to Control Fraudulent Offers

With an offer management platform (OMP), you no longer have to worry about over-redemption. In the last 10+ years, our offer technology has evolved to help hundreds of brands control their offers and keep up with the times. Offers are currency – protect them. RevTrax offers a configurable approach to offer security that leverages a variety of leading features:

  • User level security: An individual user can only access an offer a finite number of times

  • Offer access security: Users must come from the approved flow to obtain an offer

  • Fingerprint security: Fingerprint technology guarantees that a given device configuration can only access an offer a predetermined number of times.

  • Physical security on the offer: Secure offer templates that can be designed for unique offers

  • Security at POS: Validation protocols to confirm critical offer attributes or deactivate offers (retailer-specific offers only).

  • Global-over redeemer score: Ability to measure bad engagement (ex. running a script) or over-redemption by consumers and create a global scoring system across clients to block bad actors.

  • Proxy server and non-standard ISP block: These are features designed to ensure that consumers can always access offers from standard domestic ISPs, but cannot use fake IP addresses provided by black hat ISPs or offshore proxy servers in an attempt to circumvent security features.

These features, along with the configurable approach, make RevTrax technologies ideal for your brand to protect against over-redemption, fraudulent offers and more. We want to give our customers a solution to manage their promotions securely this holiday season to get better customer insights and ultimately increase revenue.

We are here to help you combat coupon fraud, misuse, and over-redemption. Contact us today to learn how you can better control your offers.

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