Promotions for Product Replenishment

RevTrax partners successfully predict optimal product replenishment windows to increase subsequent purchase rates.


A marketer was faced with a consumer product cycle challenge – as each consumer has a different usage rate, how can you be sure to reach each consumer at the right time, with an offer to influence a repeat purchase and avoid switching brands? The marketer wanted to predict when the consumer would likely be considering another purchase and influence that purchase with a targeted offer.



RevTrax leveraged specific data points captured in the course of customer engagement, based both on the time lapse between purchases as well as consumer survey responses on the frequency of purchase for a specific product. With RevTrax, the marketer was able to email each consumer personally with a motivating offer during the window when the consumer was considering another purchase.



Successfully predicting purchase windows based on RevTrax data allowed the marketer to deliver the right offer to each consumer right before they made a purchase decision. They documented an increase in subsequent product purchases after they implemented this solution.

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