Improving the Product Recall Experience

RevTrax partners manage product recall with instant, personalized offers for consumers, creating a fraud-proof offer cycle and adding to CRM.



A pet food marketer faced a national product recall and had the challenge of mollifying angry customers voicing complaints on social media, as well as via email and phone to the company’s consumer affairs department.

The initial solution, of hand-addressing and mailing a stack of free product coupons, was proving ineffective. Not only was the process arduous and time-consuming to an already overwhelmed customer service center, but it also failed to address the consumer complaint instantly; nor did the company have the ability to track if the consumer used the coupons. Additionally, the marketer suspected that loyal buyers were registering false complaints to receive the free product coupons, or duplicating coupons to gain more free product.



The marketer needed a solution that was immediately responsive to the angry consumer, that relieved the call center employees of the burden of physically mailing offers, and that was secure from fraud and traceable to the consumer on an individual level.

RevTrax delivered a comprehensive solution that met each of these requirements. Call center reps directed angry customers to a secure online registration form on the brand’s website, eliminating the need for customer service employees to manage the distribution of free product offers. The online registration triggered an automated workflow, forwarding the consumer $15 in reduced price product immediately, and an additional $5 savings sent by mail. Emails and direct mail offers were sent with a custom apology, personalized to that consumer.



The direct mail apology and offer were sent with a secure, one-time use coupon card, eliminating the potential for fraud. Coupons were serialized to the consumer so that the marketer could gather data on which offers the consumer redeemed, and the company incorporated user information into its CRM for inclusion in future marketing efforts.

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