Enhancing the Customer Service Experience

RevTrax partners improve customer service with personalization, combining direct mail and digital offers to provide actionable insights and measurable ROI.


A marketer was frustrated by the lack of transparency involved with the customer service center’s practice of sending an anonymous coupon in response to a customer complaint. Workflows were inefficient, and there was no way to know if a consumer was redeeming a particular coupon, indicating a successful resolution of the complaint. High-value coupons were being distributed, with no way to measure efficiency or ROI; and the call center manager was finding it difficult to estimate the customer service team’s effectiveness as well.



RevTrax delivered a fully integrated solution to eliminate process inefficiency while providing transparency and accurate measurements to customer service efforts. A digital and print solution allowed customer service reps to capture consumer information on an online form, which then triggered email and direct mail notifications that customer support sent to the user with a personalized message.



Email offers were sent instantly and included lower-value offers; direct mail offers included five free product coupons. In both digital and print, RevTrax serialized the coupons and provided dashboard reporting to the marketer, providing hard data on which coupons consumers redeemed. RevTrax tied consumer information to the CRM for inclusion in future marketing efforts.

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