Are You Using RevTrax For Mobile Text (SMS) Offers?

Drive brand awareness and track in-store sales through text messaging and mobile wallet integrations with the RevTrax Offer Management Platform.

Integrating an OMP Across the Marketing Stack

Get the white paper to learn how an Offer Management Platform can be deployed to deliver valuable path-to-purchase insights through mobile text offers:

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Deliver secure, unique offers, integrated into your mobile text strategy

Integrate the RevTrax Offer Management Platform with your SMS marketing campaigns to securely connect mobile behaviors to offline purchases.

With RevTrax Mobile Text (SMS) Offers, your brand can send personalized, trackable offers via text message that can fully integrate with mobile wallets. Unique offer links capture the customer’s path-to-purchase, generating valuable insights that can be scaled across marketing channels. Connect the dots across your marketing stack to leverage omnichannel analytics, insights, and optimizations that drive real results.

Seamless Mobile Integration

RevTrax empowers marketers to send secure SMS offers that fully integrate with mobile wallets for in-store purchase or your eCommerce store. With a single tap, the customer can add their personalized offer to a mobile wallet and redeem in-store. And with full path-to-purchase tracking, marketers can connect mobile engagement to any purchase, in-store or online.

Protect Your Offers from Fraud

With hundreds of millions of dollars lost each year in counterfeit and misuse, manufacturers and retailers must be vigilant in protecting themselves against offer fraud. RevTrax SMS Offers use single-use, self-destructing links that can’t be forwarded. Brands can also establish geo-specific rules for redemption control how your offers are shared and redeemed. And with predictive fraud alerts, you’re always one step ahead.

Personalization with Data

Robust first-party path-to-purchase data allows brands to personalize offers. By leveraging advanced data science and machine learning applications, RevTrax ensures the right offer is served to the right person at the right time – across any format or digital channel. Make your offers more effective by auto-optimizing offer- values, creative variables, or both.