A variety of offer solutions in a variety of formats. The RevTrax OMP will deliver the right offer to the right person, at the right time. Every time.

The Overlooked Gold Mine of First-Party Purchase Data

The right digital coupons can provide your brand with a deep well of first-party data you can’t get anywhere else. Learn how to close the path-to-purchase loop from online to in-store, and double down on your brand’s successful campaigns.

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Personalized, Measurable, Secure.

Only RevTrax lets you connect the dots between digital behaviors and any purchase – offline or online. Deliver meaningful results by showing the right offer to the right person, at the right time.

With Smart Offers, dynamic codes are created for each customer, and offer values and creative can be personalized to audience segments. Combined with path-to-purchase tracking, understand how digital behaviors are linked to actual sales. Advanced data science and best-in-class service provide offer analytics, insights, and optimizations that drive results. RevTrax personalized promotions build valuable first-party data for more actionable insights and greater results.

Smarter Offers. Many Formats.

Secure, trackable promotions across any offer format, in any channel.


Redeemable at any retailer. Create bonus offers and content for cross-selling and brand-building.


Integrate with shopper loyalty programs for complete online-to-offline tracking.

Mobile Wallet

Load to a customer’s phone and scan at checkout.

Secure eCommerce Codes

Create dynamic, single-use offer codes which provide control and security.

Offline Offers

Mail targeted, high-value promotions and measure conversion.

Healthcare Offers

Fully trackable offers for your HCP programs.

Offer Validation API

Secure, single-use promo codes that integrate with any POS system.
“Now that we are using RevTrax offers, we have access to data that enables us to understand which campaigns are most effective at driving coupon redemption. Since that data feeds directly into our CRM database, our media team can dynamically optimize their budgets to invest in the channels that are driving the most redemptions.”
The Clorox Company
Brand Partner

Innovate, Integrate, Achieve.