AI-Driven Email Offers

Enhance Email Marketing Efficiency, Increase Performance and ROI with RevTrax AI.

Improve Your Email Offers with Artificial Intelligence 


Over the past decade, we’ve analyzed hundreds of millions of data points to understand how consumers respond to variances in pricing and promotions. RevTrax AI utilizes state of the art machine learning algorithms to automatically determine and deliver the lowest offer amount needed for each consumer’s conversion. Our solution easily integrates with your existing ESP and can be deployed for both triggered and campaign emails.  


Easily Boost Productivity and Performance with an AI Platform that Automatically Adapts and Optimizes Campaigns 

  1. Increase Workflow Efficiency
    • Stop pre-associating codes with each user.  RevTrax dynamically surfaces codes on each email open.
    • Eliminate the need for A/B testing with an AI platform that learns and adjusts on the fly
    • Eliminate audience segmentation – RevTrax AI scores audiences and delivers personalized offers to individual consumers
  2. Win more business at higher margins
    • Move additional units, increase customer acquisition, drive loyalty and more
    • RevTrax AI is proven to increase consumer engagement by up to 14%
  3. Effortlessly deliver the right offer to the right person
    • Easily transition from one-size-fits-all promotions to personalized, AI-optimized email offers that auto-populate at the moment of open

Automate Audience Segmentation

Auto-segmentation is the process of identifying and dividing consumers into groups that fulfill a certain criterion. RevTrax AI serves personalized offers in email campaigns based on predictive analytics and individual consumer behavior. You will be able to deploy higher performing campaigns faster while reducing wasted spend and increasing marketing ROI.

“Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.” – (Hubspot) 

Utilize your consumer data to automatically provide intelligent offers based on each consumer’s willingness to pay1. Drive more profitable sales, new business, repeat purchases, consumer engagement and more with personalized email offers powered by artificial intelligence.

1- willingness to pay is an economic concept that is finding the maximum amount (lowest discount) for a consumer to make a purchase. RevTrax AI optimizes this for each user. 

Supercharge your Email Offers:

    • Welcome Offers:
      • RevTrax AI finds the optimal offer value for each consumer, even though you’ve never seen them before. Utilize a dynamic offer value on a welcome page’s registration form and pair this with a triggered welcome email that matches the dynamic offer.
    • Campaign Offers:
      • Eliminate the need to manually segment audiences by using dynamic offer values that populate at the moment of open. RevTrax AI easily scores your consumer database, making it easy to execute dynamic campaign offers.
    • Gamified Offers:
      • Choose from a selection of gamified email offers to increase engagement and drive conversion. Consumers receive a chance to win one of a variety of offer values that are optimized for each consumer based on RevTrax AI.

    59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI.

    – (Emma, 2018)

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