Offer Validation API

Deliver secure, single-use promotional codes that work seamlessly with any POS system

Offer Validation Case Study

Download the case study to learn how RevTrax helped one retailer achieve $22 million dollars in savings by ensuring the validity of inbound offers, while also learning more about how and where customers were engaging in their marketing campaigns.

Download the Case Study

Connect offline behaviors to in-store sales across your marketing stack.

Today’s marketing stack is missing something. Any retail brand can serve up a promotional code. However, what these codes usually lack are critical security features that eliminate offer overuse and fraud. More importantly, these promo codes offer little to no tracking, measurement, or insights — making it difficult for marketers to scale successful channels, campaigns, and promotions.

RevTrax Offer Validation technology integrates with any POS system to allow brands to serve unique codes that can be distributed throughout any marketing channel: paid promotions, display ads, social media, and more. At the same time, these unique codes track each attribute of customer engagement all the way to redemption in a completely anonymous way — linking marketing to sales, and creating a valuable first-party data asset for continued optimization and increased results.

With RevTrax, brands can ensure that only the right consumer coming from the right engagement will be able to get the right offer. This peace of mind enables marketers to stop wasting valuable dollars and execute campaigns with more targeted offers and rest comfortably knowing that the risk of unintended virality has been mitigated.

Connect Online Engagement to In-Store Sales

RevTrax dynamic codes are generated across digital channels and offer formats (mobile wallet, print-at-home, paid search), so customers can redeem offers in-store. These serialized codes capture the offer, affiliate, and in-store redemption data. By empowering affiliates to promote these offline offers to earn even more, retailers drive increased brand exposure, valuable foot-traffic, and in-store sales.

Understand Path-to-Purchase Insights

With online-to-offline tracking, retailers gain valuable first-party data about their customers and the affiliate partners that help drive in-store purchases. These path-to-purchase insights allow retailers to optimize all marketing efforts , and can be scaled across all other channels — which offer values, creatives, and audience segments drive the best return.

Security & Control

RevTrax prevents promotional fraud and contains costs. Serving single-use offers in real-time ensures that unique offer codes and promolinks cannot be copied from approved affiliate sites. Retailers can also set total budget caps for specific offers to control campaign spend.