High-Value Offers

When delivering high-value offers to your brand’s audience, it’s critical to test the efficacy of your promotions in market. RevTrax offers two major ways to fulfill high-value offers for CPG brands: Print-and-mail promotions, and offer cards.

Case Study: A Lesson From noosa

noosa is leading the yoghurt craze and pushing Greek yoghurt out of the way. Having become well established in the breakfast and dessert market, noosa looked for additional opportunities to…

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Deliver High-Value Promotions and Gain Insights

CPG brands can offer print-and-mail coupons that are completely trackable using the RevTrax core solution. With RevTrax serialized barcodes that tracks analytics — such as offer-value, creative, and channel — you can measure the redemption rates of high-value offers sent out to your target demographic.

Yoghurt brand noosa launched a campaign to test promotional offers with an audience of advocates. Consumers could sample noosa by printing an offer for immediate gratification or sign up to receive a free mailed coupon. The social sharing promotion was equipped with a barcode, so noosa could track how many acquisitions and product trials came from the high-value offer. Both ongoing programs drove engagement, product trials, and CRM sign-ups.

With the RevTrax offer card, use a debit-style card to load on high-value promotions, and distribute the cards to your brand’s audience. Create a network of loyal customers who can receive and redeem new offers at any time.

Track Second- and Third-Generation Redemptions

With serialized barcode data, you can track social sharing to its second and third generation shares, building an expanded audience for your CRM or DMP. With these insights, identify and scale the high-value offers that generated the biggest network of social advocacy and redemptions.

Prevent Fraud

RevTrax core technology is secure by design. Offer codes are dynamically serialized, so you generate one-to-one codes that help prevent fraud and offer overuse — particularly critical for high-value offers.

Enable a Better Consumer Experience

With offer cards, provide a great experience for consumers to activate and redeem high-value offers. Consumers simply receive a card in the mail, activate it online, and redeem their promotion like a gift card at checkout. As a result, you replace costly direct mail samples and in-store tear pads that cannot be tracked or deliver insights.