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Are You Using RevTrax For Display & Video?

Connect online behaviors to offline purchases across your display and video offers with the RevTrax OMP.

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Case Study: StaplesWant to tie specific in-store sales to your paid media efforts? Download the case study to learn how Staples did it — achieving a 200% incremental ROI increase:
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Deliver offers in your display and video ads to enhance audience data.

By integrating the RevTrax Offer Management Platform across your display and video ads, marketers can connect online engagement to in-store purchases. Embedded in every dynamic 1:1 code are media details — campaign parameters, creative variants, audience segments — and also customer engagement details.

Since the RevTrax OMP integrates seamlessly with your DMP, CRM, or marketing cloud, these insights build even more valuable first-party data, so your brand can optimize and personalize offers and media spend based across all your current and future campaigns.

Path-to-Purchase Insights

Only the RevTrax Offer Management Platform connects the dots between digital behavior to in-store or online purchase data. Dynamically generated offer codes within or downstream from a video or display ad can capture all relevant path-to-purchase data, linking your campaigns to actual sales, and creating a valuable first-party data asset for your brand, for continued optimization and performance.

Anti-Fraud Features to Control Your Offers

With hundreds of millions of dollars lost each year in counterfeit and misuse, manufacturers and retailers must be vigilant in protecting themselves against offer fraud. RevTrax provides an entire suite of security features like personalized offers, single-use links, customizable print limits, individualized barcodes, predictive fraud alerts and more to make sure you retain control over how your offers are shared and redeemed.

Build a First-Party Data Asset

With online-to-offline tracking, brands gain valuable first-party data that links online engagement to offer redemptions and ROI. These path-to-purchase insights allow marketers to optimize digital campaign efforts, and can be scaled across all other marketing channels.

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Grow Your Business With The RevTrax Offer Management Platform

The RevTrax Offer Management Platform (OMP) delivers innovative, elegant and easy-to-use solutions for marketers, to turn digital offers to Smart Offers, incorporating dynamic content for a 1:1 marketing experience.