Customer Service Solution

Enhance the customer service experience with the RevTrax OMP. Surprise and delight your customers with secure offers, delivered in real-time, with greater control and security.
See how RevTrax was able to help a brand marketer measure ROI of high-value coupons being distributed in response to a customer complaint — allowing him to measure the effectiveness of his customer service team.

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Increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs with an Offer Management Platform.

The RevTrax Customer Service Solution empowers your brand’s customer service team to deliver personalized offers in real-time during any customer interaction – phone call, emails, social media responses, and more. With the ability to select or configure brand approved offers, your customer service representatives have the freedom and flexibility to respond with the right offer depending on the nature of the request. Instead of more traditional, unsecure and costly direct-mail coupons for every complaint, the RevTrax Customer Service Solution leverages our Offer Management Platform to empower reps to send digital offers immediately. Additionally, as with all RevTrax offers, they can be fully tracked and monitored.

Configurable Real-Time Offers

Whether during a customer service phone call, email exchange, or social media interaction, with RevTrax, customers can now receive their unique brand offer immediately. Representatives can deliver configurable offers based on a variety of standards including complaint type, severity, location, language, and CRM criteria. Our solution even integrates seamlessly into your customers service email system. Offers can be delivered as single-use links or even via print & mail for higher value offers.

Track, Monitor, & Optimize

All offers delivered can be tracked for further optimization and insights – just like all RevTrax smart offers. Your customer service representatives can view the entire history of a customer’s promotional interactions and reset or lock access to offers as necessary. This allows brands to minimize fraud, by identifying those attempting to game the system through customer service complaints, saving needlessly wasted redemption dollars. Taking optimization further, the insights generated from the RevTrax Customer Service Solution allow brands to build valuable first-party data for future marketing optimizations.

Intuitive User Experience

The RevTrax Customer Service Solution is an intuitive cloud-based interface that comes standard with our Offer Management Platform. From the same dashboard, your brand’s customer service team can easily create single-use and multi-use offer links from the same experience and also view customer activity across the entire offer portfolio. Representatives can see a given customer’s entire history with metrics like view, activations, and redemptions – and easily reset access to a specific offer or all offers. With RevTrax, your brand is in control.