Code-less eComm Offers

Apply the right discount directly within the shopping cart for seamless shopping experiences.

Code-less eComm Offers

Gone are the days of providing consumers with generic, unsecured offers to copy and utilize online for their discounts. But how can a brand take the next step and provide single-use, dynamic offers, without consumers even having to search for a code? Code-less offers solves all of these problems.

These code-less, single-use offers allow brands to provide seamless CX experiences that protect against overredemption. Additionally, brands have access to sales and offer data in a timely fashion at their fingertips.

Benefits of Code-less eComm Offers

With Code-less eComm offers, brands can:

Utilize dynamic, personalized offers which enhance the customer experience by being automatically applied at check out: Provide consumers with a seamless experience within any channel, while removing the need to copy and paste a promo code.

Understand your consumer like never before with in depth offer performance and sales data: Access real-time engagement data within our dashboard to promptly compare offer success against others.

Insulate your brand from overredemptions: Hinder fraudelent distribution of offers by automatically applying the discount within consumer shopping carts, regardless of what channel they came from.