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Travel & Hospitality Marketing Solutions

Create custom and hyper-targeted offers delivered at the right moment.

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5 Trends Travel Marketers Should Leverage for ROI Generating leads from new marketing channels improves quality. Travel marketers should leverage data and behavioral insights captured throughout the customer journey to improve their experience and drive ROI.
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Increase Conversion with Timely and Personalized Offers.

Today, the experience is rarely this seamless. Whether you’re a cruise line, DMO, hotel, airline, or leading resort, most travel brands rely on isolated digital tactics like paid search and display ads. But bombarding your target with indiscriminate discount ads around the internet doesn’t create the best customer experience, and might alienate some who are early in their planning phase and not yet ready to book. It doesn't have to be this way. There are solutions that can enable you to be much more precise with your discounting while improving gross margin and increasing customer conversion. That’s where we can help.

The key is engaging travelers at exactly the right moment with the right discount (powered by A.I.) when they are planning for an upcoming trip. RevTrax provides integrated offer solutions, that leverage the moments your customers are expected to be the most receptive and engaged. Follow them with dynamic offers across every channel. Serve dynamic offer content in your emails, generated at the moment of open. Dramatically improve customer acquisition efforts and customer engagement with RevTrax Smart Offers - personalized offers in any channel that enable you to use contextual data to deliver customized offers, to the right customer at the best time.

Greater Results

Travel marketing campaigns with intelligent offers deliver results.

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47% of Travel companies use automated personalization.
According to Industry Research by Adobe


Higher conversion rates


More cross-selling


Customer reactivation


Customer growth


Increased customer loyalty

Dynamic Email Offers. Smarter, personalized offers at the moment of open.

When your emails include relevant offers, conversions go up. Email promotion is a solid investment for travel marketers — but targeted emails usually come with a price: complicated list segmentation, managing multiple campaigns, and pricy CRM integrations. How do you know what’s the right offer to include?

With RevTrax dynamic email offers, simply drop a line of code into your current email templates - newsletters, site abandonment, purchase confirmation, itineraries, etc - and deliver the right offer to the right person — at the moment of open. These personalized targeted promotions load instantly and are fully trackable.

RevTrax core technology combined with A.I. & Machine Learning delivers a relevant offer based on a previous purchase behavior, DMP audience segments, and other factors. This lets marketers create a strong one-to-one marketing experience without the fuss of manual segmentation.

Grow Valuable First-Party Data

Most digital offers are distributed through third parties that rarely share any meaningful data back with the marketers. With the lack of data transparency, brands are giving up unnecessary control over their customer engagement data.  

RevTrax ensures that you have new types of powerful purchase-intent data to enhance your data modeling, attribution and targeting efforts. Our platform leverages machine-learning and behavioral economics to tailor your brand’s promotional campaigns - delivering the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time. And all of that valuable first-party data integrates into your DMP, CRM, or Marketing Cloud. That’s the data benefit of leveraging RevTrax within your marketing stack.

RevTrax Solutions for Travel & Hospitality Marketing

Smart Offer Solutions
  • Mobile Wallet/Passes
  • Single-Use Offer Codes
  • Single-Use Barcodes
  • Print-At-Home
  • Print & Mail
  • Savings Cards

Channel Solutions
  • Email & SMS
  • Search PPC
  • Affiliate
  • Display Ads
  • Website/Content Portals
  • Social Media
  • Customer Service
Data Science Solutions
  • Online-to-Offline Attribution
  • AI-Driven Personalization
  • Machine Learning
  • Offer-Value Testing
  • Campaign ROI Predictive Analytics
  • Multi-Variate Creative Testing
  • Custom Analytics