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Offline Retargeting

Web conversion is low and it’s only getting lower. Solve this by taking effective digital retargeting tactics offline with RevTrax. Send direct mail promotions to website visitors using anonymized engagement data and measure campaign ROI.

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Offline Retargeting eBookWhat if you could convert anonymous visitors into known consumers? Make offline retargeting easy and measure conversions effectively with RevTrax.
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Retarget site visitors while ensuring customer privacy

Marketers already know that online retargeting is an effective way to drive sales, so RevTrax has taken retargeting campaigns offline. Now, your brand can use online engagement rules — such as product preferences and specific webpage visits — to tailor direct mail offers.

Offline retargeting is designed to ensure privacy and data security. RevTrax ensures that online data is anonymized when it’s matched with delivery information. That way, your brand can send engaging direct mail pieces without seeing personally identifiable info.


Choose Your Promotion Type

For high-value products and services, send a secure, high-value offer to potential customers with a RevTrax 1:1 promo code and track the results. For a local business, send a geo-specific direct mail promotion to site visitors in certain geographic areas. Use an offer or simply an informational postcard to get a targeted message in the right hands.

Privacy By Design

Designed from the ground up to ensure privacy & data security, RevTrax and its clients never receive the customer’s Personally Identifiable Information. Anonymous matching is handled by a leading data partner, and only the mail fulfillment partner handles address information, which is not retained after each mailing. The customer remains anonymous until they choose to identify themselves via registration.

Measure Conversion

Don’t waste money distributing large volumes of direct mail imprecisely, relying only on demographic data. RevTrax measures conversion from each direct mail piece, for continuous campaign optimization. Offline retargeting helps you refine your audience segments, understand customer behavior and intent, and reach an audience of interested potential customers that would otherwise be lost.