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 Smarter Offers. Made Easy.



Make it easy for marketers to do smarter offers with a platform that connects brand engagement to any purchase across the marketing ecosystem.


Brand marketers are missing a key piece of marketing technology in their stack – one that empowers them to control, measure, and optimize their digital offers to drive sales regardless of marketing or sales channel. RevTrax aspires to fill this gap with an Offer Management Platform that provides these capabilities across multiple channels, unlocking valuable 1st-party data to help brands improve their marketing effectiveness.  Marketers will never want to run offers without the RevTrax OMP again. 

We aspire to provide marketers with innovative technology and strategies to do smarter offers with the Offer Management Platform. Our solutions help improve workflow productivity, capture valuable first-party data, and leverage that data to reduce uniform discounting.

Clients will feel greater peace of mind, be more productive and successful working with RevTrax.

Why RevTrax?

Whether your goal is to find new customers, drive loyalty, launch a new product, or have buyers/shoppers switch brands, RevTrax delivers solutions to surpass those goals. Our Offer Management Platform makes it easy to close the loop across your marketing stack. Unique path-to-purchase data connects the dots across your customer’s journey, and data science optimizes your brand’s marketing, increasing the ROI of every dollar spent on your campaigns.

RevTrax creates valuable first-party data that delivers greater insights, personalization and customer experiences for powerful results. With RevTrax, brands can realize the promise of data-driven marketing.

Today’s offers are much more than just coupons — they are ways to capture, engage and convert consumers to brand champions. Our brand partners go beyond demographics, customize content at the individual level, leveraging machine-learning and behavioral economics to uncover new insights and unleash game-changing innovations.

We've partnered with 600+ brands to deliver intelligent offer solutions. Holding numerous patented technologies in offer-serving and promotional security, RevTrax delivers a superior user experience, configurable at every level. With personalized content, universal integrations, advanced analytics, and superior customer service, our partners deliver more than promotions, they drive results.

The digital offer of today  is a way to capture, engage and convert consumers to brand champions. Reach past the limitations of a demographically-based target audience to customize offers at the individual level.

RevTrax’s patented technology makes intelligent offers easy to customize and distribute. With advanced data gathering and analysis, marketers can take advantage of the power of data analytics to continually improve the effectiveness, reach, and power of digital offers.

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Jonathan Treiber

Chief Executive Officer

Seth Sarelson

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Hansen

Chief Technology Officer

The RevTrax Origin Story

RevTrax Co-Founders Jonathan and Seth met their first day at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Bonding over a shared love of vinyl records, bialys, tennis and golf, a friendship quickly formed.  They both had the entrepreneurial itch throughout college and after, getting jobs at Citigroup in New York City. Evenings after work were spent at a favorite TriBeCa pub discussing business ideas. They became curious about connecting digital marketing to in-store sales and talked to pretty much anyone who would listen. After countless lunches and coffees to discuss business plans with friends and others (and miraculously not getting fired), the foundation for what would become RevTrax was born.

There was still one big problem – they were starting a marketing technology company and couldn’t write a line of code. Lightning struck when they met their third Co-founder Greg, who was excited to leave a comfortable Financial Services job for a spectacular salary of $0. Greg architected and developed the initial platform in less than 90 days, which worked perfectly, as the first RevTrax client started on day 91. The rest was history, but never quite easy. 

Several years, three offices and hundreds of brand campaigns later, RevTrax is incredibly proud to have built an amazing client base, grown some of the industry’s best talent, and been named as one of Crain’s Best Places to work in New York City, multiple times. The team is older and wiser now, fortunate for the opportunity to work with amazing people every day, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

“There is something unique about the RevTrax platform: The fact that they can provide a true 1:1 measurement between a specific placement and a specific sale.”
Brand Partner
“RevTrax has been a key partner in helping us move forward in the digital world. Everyone loves to work with them — we find that they are such awesome, strategic, smart partners. They have been really important for us, and will continue to be in the future.“
The Clorox Company
Agency Partner
“Retailers need the ability to leverage the affiliate channel to drive incremental purchases in-store at scale. RevTrax is a natural partner for Rakuten Marketing to accelerate growth of in-store affiliate sales.”
Affiliate Partner