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Data & Reporting

Build valuable path-to-purchase insights for optimized marketing and more measurable results.

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The Overlooked Gold Mine of First-Party Purchase DataThe right digital coupons can provide your brand with a deep well of first-party data you can’t get anywhere else. Learn how to close the path-to-purchase loop from online to in-store, and double down on your brand's successful campaigns.
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Get Smarter With Your Data.

Your brand’s data is a competitive advantage. Are you using it?

With RevTrax, gain unparalleled insights and build valuable first-party data, all while closing the loop across your marketing stack - integrating with your DMP, CRM, or Marketing Cloud. Tap into data science, machine learning, and behavioral economics for optimized promotions. Reporting dashboards that connect customer behaviors to any purchase - in-store or online. Powerful path-to-purchase analytics inform smarter decision-making.

Path-to-Purchase Insights

Only RevTrax connects the dots between various digital behaviors - campaign parameters, audience segments, creative type, offer variants, and much more - to purchase data, in-store or online. Dynamically generated offer codes capture all relevant path-to-purchase data, linking your marketing to actual sales, and creating a valuable first-party data asset for your brand, for continued optimization and performance.

Reporting Made Easy

Tap into real-time data, across all your digital and sales channels, as granular as your brand needs. Fully automated or self-serve reporting, accessible via intuitive interfaces and dashboards, for insights at your fingertips. Track digital channels, online behaviors, promotion engagements, and purchase history. And since this is your marketing data, easily export and connect to other databases - CRM, DMP, or Marketing Clouds. Zero technical expertise needed!

Personalization with Data 

Promotional content should be personalized, and the best way to do so is with your data. Leveraging advanced data science and machine learning, ensure the right offer is served to the right person at the right time - across any format or digital channel. Whether it’s creative variables or offer values, increase your promotional effectiveness with auto-optimized content.

DMP / CRM Integration

Today’s marketers use many sophisticated data partners - CRM providers, DMPs for media, and advanced Marketing Clouds. Leverage these powerful data sources for your promotional marketing. Inbound audience segments inform offer creative and price, while full path-to-purchase data is fed back into your data solutions to optimize across the rest of your marketing stack.

Get Smarter, Faster.

Data & Reporting solutions for path-to-purchase insights, planning and measurement.

Path-to-Purchase Tracking
Connect digital behaviors to any purchase - in-store or online.
Performance Reporting
Gain real-time, omni-channel insights, connecting digital behaviors to any purchase.
1:1 Personalization
The right offer to the right person, at the right time.
DMP / Marketing Cloud
Personalize across audience segments, while creating feedback loop of valuable path-to-purchase data.
Auto Optimizer
Test multiple variants, optimizing for the top performer.
“Using RevTrax offers, we have access to data that enables us to understand which campaigns are most effective at driving coupon redemption. Since that data feeds directly into our CRM database, our media team can dynamically optimize their budgets to invest in the channels that are driving the most redemptions.”
The Clorox Company, Brand Partner