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Create more customer value with less investment using RevTrax’s personalized incentive technology platform.

You know the rule. You don’t make your money from the first sale. You make your money from the repeat business.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer, is arguably the most important metric that marketers have for guiding marketing and product development. Acquiring, converting and retaining customers can impose severe financial burdens on marketers; who can easily spend between $100 and $300 to capture, and convert, a prospect into a customer. RevTrax’s cross-channel incentive technology platform, and portfolio of optimization solutions, uses digital promotional incentives to help clients acquire, convert and retain customers at only a fraction of the cost.

Actionable Insights

"In order to improve my brand sales and drive store traffic, I need to quickly test and optimize my incentive ideas for our promotions before deployment using real purchase data."

RevTrax can help Improve brand sales, drive store traffic and leverage promotion budgets by optimizing digital promotional incentives.

  • Master the art and science of promotion optimization
  • Test and optimize your incentive ideas before deployment
  • Increase basket size of high margin items
  • Increase volume sales and improve trade ROI by deploying promotions that make the most of your investment
  • Measure the sales impact of sampling events including in-store/on-site, direct mail and shopper intercepts
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"Our company has adopted personalization as a company-wide goal. We need a partner that offers real-time personalized offers and messages to help our team positively influence customer lifetime value."

RevTrax delivers real-time personalization of digital incentives at scale for single brand initiatives and complex cross-category campaigns.

  • Personalize offers in real time
  • Test and optimize personalized offers for greatest engagement
  • Make personalization decisions on the fly using previous coupon engagement data (no CRM data or access required to personalize)
  • Merge CRM data and designations to direct personalization in real time
  • Reengage consumers post coupon view, print, and redemption

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"Our company is moving away from one-size-fits-all promotions. It is not cost-efficient; we need to target offers to different types of consumers. We're looking for a partner that offers scale targeting to help drive substantial cost savings."

RevTrax delivers targeted digital incentives at scale for single brand initiatives and complex cross-category campaigns.

  • Target offers in real time to appropriate audience segments
  • Test and optimize to determine the best performing offers by segment
  • Activate shoppers with appropriate incentives for single or multiple brands
  • Cross-merchandise adjacent products and categories
  • Categorize anonymous shoppers in search, affiliate, and display channels
  • Encourage conversion by delivering appropriate offers to anonymous shoppers
  • Meet customer redemption and engagement objectives

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"I need to better understand my promotion mix. How does each distribution method compare? Where should I allocate my resources? Also, I need to understand how well my FSI has performed sooner so I can return funds to the brand and improve future campaigns."

RevTrax Data Science has developed a benchmarking method for a comparative measurement of incentive distribution methods as well as a predictive model for FSI.

  • See an apples-to-apples comparison of incentive distribution methods
  • Understand which offers achieve the greatest ROI
  • Inform your decisions on promotion mix budget allocation
  • Gain an early read of FSI performance in week one
  • Predict FSI redemption to +90% confidence interval
  • Return FSI funds much faster than current process allows

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FSIntercept icon FSIntercept Insights-On-Demand icon Insights-On-DemandPromotion Value Benchmarking icon Promotion Value Benchmarking

Customer Relationship Management

"Adding shopper digital engagement and in-store purchase behavior to our enterprise databases would provide valuable and actionable insights for our relationship building programs."

RevTrax technology seamlessly integrates with enterprise-wide CRM platforms or can function as a stand-alone promotion CRM asset.

  • Enrich existing customer taxonomies with more actionable insights
  • Reengage customers based on past online and offline purchase behaviors
  • Acquire new customers by using registrations, sampling, surveys and social media
  • Enhance customer lifetime value by tracking lifestyle changes
  • Incorporate competitive purchase history at the category level

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"I’m being asked to prove and improve the in-store impact of my digital marketing programs. I really need to measure direct attribution, something more accurate than a predictive model, and be able to test multiple versions of my offers. If effective, I can invest more of my marketing budget in the higher performing digital campaigns."

RevTrax can track the individual shopper experience from the initial digital promotion engagement through the in-store purchase transaction, connecting sales revenue to paid media. We also have optimization tools that allow you to test and improve offer engagement overall or with specific audience segments.

  • Quantify channel attribution and return-on-investment
  • Attribute sales to individual shoppers and campaigns
  • Optimize paid media and campaign details with actual redemption data
  • Adjust mechanics to improve performance
  • Use A/B and multi-variate testing to improve offer performance
  • Reallocate spend to higher performing channels and offer versions

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Controlled Offer Management & Security

"I can’t stop unauthorized coupon websites and blogs from posting our offers. We recently had an on offer go viral, and it consumed my entire redemption budget, forcing me to cancel all future promotions. Viral offers are a very real risk especially when we send high-value incentives."

RevTrax prevents fraudulent coupon activity with the best-in-class, patented security technology.

  • Control coupon distribution based on referring site, geolocation, and daily or weekly limits
  • Identify and block over-redeemers from accessing your coupons
  • Validate offers automatically at checkout, in-store or ecommerce
  • Employ single-use offers to prevent multiple redemptions per coupon
  • Control social sharing activity according to predefined limits.

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Omni-Channel Attribution

"I need to prove attribution for my digital campaigns. How many purchases are my campaigns actually driving and through what channel?"

RevTrax tracks attribution for all digital channels through our online-to-offline data trail.

  • Prove the impact of digital marketing on in-store sales
  • Correctly attribute in-store sales to specific channel, campaign, placement, affiliate, and keywords (or other relevant parameter)
  • Optimize campaigns based on actual in-store purchases

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