Social Promotion Effectiveness Made Simple: Measure Their Real Market Impact

NEW YORK, September 13, 2016 — As many marketers know, social promotions have a special ability to drive trial and loyalty far beyond other types of digital coupons. But the question always is – how can you effectively measure your social promotions? That uncertainty led our team at RevTrax to uncover a simple solution: measure your real market impact.

At RevTrax, we've developed a straightforward, intuitive way to measure and compare social promotion effectiveness, based simply on the two most important goals that social promotions are designed to meet:

  • 1) Sharing frequency; and
  • 2) Recipient response rate

Learn more about social promotions and how to gauge social promotion effectiveness in our most recent whitepaper, Taking the Mystery Out of Measuring Social Promotion Effectiveness by Michael Biafore, Vice President, Strategic Accounts. Learn also when you should and should not offer a social promotion that users can share, how to incentivize the share, and how social promotions can be far more cost-effective than mass, anonymous coupon distribution.

“Most brands suspect that they have significant untapped social promotion potential available to them, but they often don't know how to identify, measure and reach that potential. RevTrax's clients are transforming the promotions industry for one simple reason: they know that what gets measured well, gets managed well,” said Biafore.

At RevTrax, we strive to empower marketing leaders to optimize the impact of their promotional investments. When you design social promotions to meet and exceed your marketing goals, and when you can clearly measure the effectiveness of your social promotions against those goals, you can prove the transformational impact that intelligent, personalized promotions can deliver.

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