RevTrax® Expands Patent Portfolio with Tracking & Security Technology to Prevent Unintended Viral Couponing

NEW YORK, October 6, 2015 - RevTrax® today announced the extension of its digital patent portfolio with a technology that limits access, printing and use of digital promotions or coupons. It includes offers distributed to anonymous consumers without requiring them to download any software or executable file or provide any personal information. The proprietary technology works seamlessly with RevTrax’s SmartOffer® and AutoOptimizer® solutions to target and optimize offers based on predefined rules including previous coupon engagements, geographic information, paid or owned media conditions, past transaction data, CRM criteria to ensure that promotions are used by their target audience.

Patent 9,147,196 is a unique technology that protects against coupon fraud and over-redemption costs by limiting the number of digital offer redemptions or prints. In practice, once the coupon link is used or the print limit is reached, the coupon link self-destructs and will not function if an attempt is made to print or use it again. This security feature applies across consumer devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile and works whether a coupon link has been forwarded, copied or posted – enabling retailers to limit the number of consumer deliveries.

“Our unique technology allows for distribution of promotions to both anonymous and known consumers without retailers having to worry about coupon fraud,” said Jonathan Treiber, RevTrax CEO & Co-Founder. “The possibility of customized and controlled digital promotions and data offers marketers endless options for tailoring their digital marketing campaigns.”

The patented technology is an integral component of the RevTrax digital promotion and intelligence platform. RevTrax’s configurable security offering includes:

  • Single-use links*
  • Customizable print limits
  • Domain security
  • Geo-fence capabilities
  • Dynamic expiration dates
  • Real-time validation*

*RevTrax patented technology

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