RevTrax® Launches PromoVault to Prevent Online Offers from "Going Viral"

Latest innovation generates and validates secure, dynamic promo codes for targeted e-commerce offers.

NEW YORK, April 30, 2013 - RevTrax® today announced the launch of PromoVault, a promotions tool that enables marketers to securely execute e-commerce digital coupon campaigns across any channel or device. PromoVault addresses common challenges faced by retailers: the inability to generate and validate unique codes, and the subsequent rise of pirated offers.

RevTrax's latest technology creates and serves dynamic promo codes, then protects those codes from being used by unauthorized parties. The security features enable retailers to protect gross margins for rich offers, confidently manage revenue more carefully with targeted markdowns and accept rewards currency online.

"Ensuring that our e-commerce offers don't spread uncontrolled across the Web is critical, both to our customers and our company," said Jeffrey Liss, Senior VP and General Manager of eCommerce and Customer Insights for Charming Shoppes, a subsidiary of ascena retail group inc. "RevTrax allows us to develop offers that we're confident will only be redeemed by our target audience, not by anyone with a Web browser, and the ability to copy and paste."

PromoVault is the latest addition to RevTrax's broadly adopted enterprise promotions platform, which is used by more than 100 leading brands and retailers to securely drive and measure in-store sales. PromoVault effectively extends RevTrax's core security and tracking technology to the e-commerce point-of-sale, allowing marketers to distribute personalized offers and match granular digital coupon data, such as channel and search keywords, with point-of-sale redemption data, including basket size, redemption date, loyalty ID and other key metrics.

"RevTrax supports an integrated retail vision and has long been ahead of the curve in helping clients understand how digital promotions impact in-store sales and loyalty," said Jonathan Treiber, co-founder and CEO, RevTrax. "PromoVault mirrors this functionality for the online point-of-sale, while protecting marketers against the financial risk and liability of online offers that unintentionally go viral."

PromoVault works in conjunction with the RevTrax Coupon Validation API, so offers can be instantly validated at the point-of-sale. It can also be managed as a self-service component of the RevTrax platform, allowing retailers to manage their own campaigns, features and custom security.

About RevTrax®

Marketers work with RevTrax to discover and measure digital promotion performance data – to prove and improve digital marketing’s impact on in-store sales. Its scalable enterprise solutions provide promotion intelligence across all digital channels and devices. Founded in 2008, RevTrax is headquartered in New York City.

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