One-to-One Marketing

What if you could send smart, relevant CPG and retail promotions with your existing first-party data? With RevTrax, make one-to-one marketing easy.

“41% of U.S. consumers said they ditched a company because of poor personalization and lack of trust” - Accenture¹

Personalization is critical to today’s buyers. Your campaign strategy should feel “one-to-one” — targeted to existing buyer habits like purchase frequency and preferences. Only a relevant experience will drive coupon redemptions and sales.

RevTrax works with your existing CMS to make a one-to-one marketing strategy simple. With RevTrax dynamic email offers, simply drop a snippet of code into your email template, and automatically showcase the right offer to the right person. These targeted offers load automatically at the moment of open.

One-to-one emails are high-performing, and they help build and maintain buyer loyalty. Rich first-party data lets you understand your customers and the details of their purchases, driving more sales and better insights.

Run your one-to-one marketing with RevTrax

RevTrax is your strategic partner to test, iterate, and learn from a one-to-one marketing strategy with higher ROI. We’ll help you connect digital activities to in-store purchases with smart offers that tell you which creative, campaign, and promotion drove the sale.

Unlike a traditional couponing service, RevTrax’s serialized barcodes connect your consumer’s online behaviors to offline purchases, allow you to optimize your brand’s investments, and build customer loyalty by providing:

  • Online-to-Offline Analytics - Connect online behaviors to sales at any retailer.
  • Personalized Offers - The right offer, right consumer, right time.
  • Offer Testing - Learn which creative and price works best.
  • Robust Security - Minimize fraud and ensure campaign security.
  • Expertise & Service - Flawless execution and industry experience.

Fill out the form to master your one-to-one marketing and download our Dynamic Email fact sheet. You’ll improve promotional and media ROI performance, and build out your first-party data arsenal.


one-to-one marketing

Download the Dynamic Email Fact Sheet to learn how to make dynamic emails offers easy.

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