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Combine customer-level data and behavioral economics methodology to test, optimize, and measure your digital promotions and marketing investments.

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RevTrax Webinar: Using Behavioral Economics to Identify What Motivates Shopper Behavior

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RevTrax + Insights

RevTrax’s Insights Solutions help marketers optimize campaign spend through testing and measurement tools that leverage real-time, first-party data.

Behavioral Economics Methodologies

Core to our solution set is testing using principles of Behavioral Economics - the study of non-monetary psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional factors on purchase decisions.

RevTrax's core incentive technology platform creates an ecosystem where first-party data can be captured in real-time, and equally important, we observe the test participants' behavior silently. This is critical since with other sources of purchase data (such as consumer panels), participants know that they are being observed. This creates risk that their behavior is subsequently altered.

Use our Insights tools to accurately and easily measure the impact of promotional pricing, creative, and media before, during, and after campaigns--all with zero additional personnel or infrastructure costs.

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Marketing challenges

Are you frustrated by any of the following challenges?
We partner with organizations like yours to solve these and a variety of other challenges.

Media ROI

It's hard to measure the ROI of media campaigns

Customer Lifetime Value

It's hard to measure and increase lifetime value

Creative impact

It's hard to know which creative elements impact behavior

Media investment

It's hard to know where to invest your media dollars

Testing is too hard

You need an easier, quicker platform for testing

How we solve these marketing challenges

RevTrax insights solutions are designed to solve the challenges listed above

Media ROI Measurement

Combine your digital media with RevTrax to establish ROI. By sampling a segment of a media campaign with digital offers, we can observe sales impact at the point of purchase. RevTrax algorithms then calculate total media impact to determine incremental volume (units sold) of the overall media campaign.
Price Optimization

Use RevTrax Price Optimization to determine the ideal offer levels in each customer segment for trade promotions, trade sale prices in circulars, and others through rigorous and rapid testing.

Client Success

The most important part of any vendor/partner relationship is what you get out of it.
RevTrax clients return year after year because of three primary reasons:

1. White glove service including strategy development
2. Flexibility of marketing technology
3. Positive impact on ROI

Whitepapers & Case Studies

Just starting your promotions journey? Want to learn about implementations in your industry? RevTrax can help you design promotions and campaigns that leverage valuable first-party data to create positive, lasting business outcomes.

Case Study

A Lesson From noosa

By leveraging RevTrax, Noosa created an engaging digital campaign that exceeded goals for site traffic, acquisitions, and overall engagement.

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Using Behavioral Economics to Identify What Motivates Shopper Behavior

Behavioral economics, the intersection of psychology and economics, is broadly gaining ground in the business world.

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Other Challenges and Solutions

RevTrax marketing technology is also designed to support and impact the following:

The best solutions are designed together.

We approach every relationship as a partnership. Your business goals are our goals, and we diligently work with you to achieve them.

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