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OfferArchitect identifies the most impactful coupon offer against a target audience segment. It is a real-time, multivariate-testing platform based upon behavioral economics principles. RevTrax’s heuristic methodology considers all relevant messaging on the coupon itself and the ambient environment including copy, imagery, value, etc. Experiments are planned, tested and operationalized in conjunction with highly credentialed academics from leading marketing research institutions.

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Insights-On-Demand™ are standard and premium campaign-reporting packages. The packages range from fundamental campaign analyses, providing essential insights for enhanced performance, to customized analytics and reports services featuring more comprehensive analyses. Clients can choose from a library of over +70 reporting formats and surveys.

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Promotion Value Benchmarking

Promotion Value Benchmarking™ measures the relative performance of all enterprise-wide promotions and identifies which campaigns and channels were the most efficient and effective. Benchmark performance based on distribution cost, consumer response and discount value. Apply the real value drivers to future campaign executions and promotions mix modeling.

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Sampling Insights

Sampling Insights™ measures the sales impact of sampling events including in-store/on-site, direct mail and shopper intercepts. It uses secure, serialized coupons transforming anonymous samplers into identifiable shoppers and existing customers into brand loyalists. Encourage and track trial purchase, brand switching, and purchase continuity amongst new and existing customers while generating new customers for CRM programs.

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FSIntercept is an early warning; free standing insert and circular redemption model. It can determine, as early as 7-10 days from the ‘drop date’, whether the incentive will be successful against key performance indicators. With this actionable information, marketers can quickly deploy digital incentives to remedy a predicted shortfall in redemptions, and still ensure success of the broader campaign such as in-store promotion, end-aisle displays, new slotting allowances and collateral merchandising materials.

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