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Drive incremental frequency and spend through turnkey CRM capabilities and smart loyalty programs.

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RevTrax + Loyalty

RevTrax’s Loyalty Solutions allow marketers to save valuable time in collecting, analyzing, and acting on customer data via multiple communication channels, including email, web and direct mail.

Whether you need an end-to-end solution or require integrations with existing marketing systems, RevTrax can help you create your customer database, automate segmentation and marketing communications, and deliver actionable campaign analysis to help you retain and enhance your customer relationships.

The key is enabling faster access to better data so you can react and market to your existing customers with the agility you need to compete in today's environment.

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Marketing Challenges

Are you frustrated by any of the following challenges?
We partner with organizations like yours to solve these and a variety of other challenges.

Customer lifetime value

It's hard to measure and increase lifetime value

Real-time personalization

It's hard to personalize emails and offers

Path-to-purchase visibility

It's hard to connect online and offline data

Relevant household behavior

You're missing key data points about your consumers


It's hard to quickly and easily segment your database

Relevant household behavior

You're missing key data points about your consumers

How we solve these marketing challenges

RevTrax insights solutions are designed to solve the challenges listed above

Customer lifetime value

Better measure and influence long-term household engagement with your brand(s)--including cross-promotion, upselling, and frequency marketing--through personalized email and offer distribution.
Path-to-purchase visibility

Connect online marketing campaigns (including website, app, social, search, display, affiliate, influencers, etc.) to offline household-level purchases through RevTrax patented offer technology

Automate database segmentation to enable more agile marketing through RevTrax CRM technology that integrates with your current vendors or serves as a standalone solution.
Real-time personalization

Easily personalize offers and emails in real time based on a number of data sources and inputs (including offer engagement) through RevTrax patented offer technology and CRM capabilites.
Relevant household behavior

Capture individual household purchase behavior--including messages and marketing that drive action as well as specific purchases made across retailers--through RevTrax patented offer technology.
Targeted customer service

Deliver UPC-specific offers, digital coupons, and high value printed offers for product replacement, complaints, and praise through RevTrax pantented offer technology and expanded suite of offer formats.

Client Success

The most important part of any vendor/partner relationship is what you get out of it.
RevTrax clients return year after year because of three primary reasons:

1. White glove service including strategy development
2. Flexibility of marketing technology
3. Positive impact on ROI

Whitepapers & Case Studies

Just starting your promotions journey? Want to learn about implementations in your industry? RevTrax can help you design promotions and campaigns that leverage valuable first-party data to create positive, lasting business outcomes.


How to Create, Capture, & Leverage First-Party Purchase Data to
Drive Meaningful Growth

As marketers, more and more of the decisions made from minor to major must be backed by solid data.

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Case Study

A Lesson From noosa

By leveraging RevTrax, Noosa created an engaging digital campaign that exceeded goals for site traffic, acquisitions, and overall engagement.

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Other Challenges and Solutions

RevTrax marketing technology is also designed to support and impact the following:

The best solutions are designed together.

We approach every relationship as a partnership. Your business goals are our goals, and we diligently work with you to achieve them.

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