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SmartOffers is the market-leading personalized digital promotions solution. It features real-time, personalized offers; a unique capability not possible on other distribution platforms. SmartOffers targets individual shoppers by analyzing online and offline purchase behavior, then algorithmically matches their profile with most appropriate client-designated offer.

RevTrax’s all-inclusive package features the brand-centric NextGen Portal, the most versatile client-hosted coupon distribution solution. It simply lifts shopper-brand engagement to a new level of personal interaction. It provides easy entry point for companies new to digital promotions as well as seasoned marketers intent on improving their existing programs.

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Principal Features

  • SmartClips | SmartClips is the very best Load2Card coupon distribution solution for retailer loyalty cards
  • Segmentation | Proprietary 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data decision rule engine
  • Personalization | Modeled decision making supported by machine learning
  • PromoVault® | Patented security, validation and control platform
  • Bonus Coupons | Versatile rewards for loyal customers, social advocacy, trial purchase, etc.
  • SmartLinks® | Device specific promotional incentives
  • OpenShare® | Social network sharing functionality
  • NextGen Portal | Brand-centric, iframe portal for single or multiple brands (optional)



SaveInStore is RevTrax’s consumer-facing coupon destination portal ( The website incorporates all SmartOffer® features and additional layers of proprietary shopper behavioral data and analytics for personalization. Each post-campaign report features performance benchmarking and cross-category insights that is unavailable from competitive coupon aggregator sites.



RevTrax’s advanced customer service portal, CustomerDesk, is a SaaS platform that empowers customer service representatives to select and deliver secure personalized coupons. The platform can replace, or complement, traditional circulars, freestanding inserts and direct mail solutions. It delivers on-demand incentives in response to customer service inquiries. In-store purchases are mapped customer queries, or complaints, providing individual consumer and agent-level insights not otherwise available to marketers.

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