Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a powerful capability that can significantly reduce the manual effort that marketing teams had traditionally taken on in coordinating a variety of content and data. With the added capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), and benefiting from "big data" tools, marketing automation is adding a new dimension of precision and effectiveness. Combining marketing automation with multivariate testing tools results in much more effective presentation of creative content, text, pricing and offers that can enhance engagement and conversion.

When choosing a marketing automation tool, the marketer must be clear on what their desired objectives are. Many technology solutions some under the banner of marketing automation are often point solutions, automating only one or two aspects of content marketing. With the growing complexity as well as sophistication of content marketing, it is advisable to find a solution that is not only comprehensive in its capabilities but also flexible enough (and proven in the market) to adapt to the changing landscape.

While time between purchases varies by retail segment, closely monitoring time between purchases by customer segment is also a relevant gauge for the health of the customer retention programs. If the interval between purchases begins to lengthen, the marketer must take action to stem this problem. Actions often taken include offering more aggressive promotions. This of course can be a slippery slope. If retention is waning and profitability begins to erode due to more aggressive actions, the may be super issues that will need to be addressed.

While some view marketing automation as a cost saving solution, it is advisable and usually beneficial to consider reinvesting those savings in analytical expertise. Increased analytical expertise applied to marketing automation tools can multiply their benefit significantly. This human expertise also is a layer of intelligence that is needed to change assumptions and parameters as the marketing landscape shifts.

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