Loyalty Solutions

We've developed a set of technology capabilities that augment and enhance the loyalty programs and strategies our clients have invested in. Whether it be within email marketing, CRM/database marketing, or even direct mail, we help them leverage offers in a more sophisticated way. We aim to deliver offers in a more tailored and personalized manor to their customers.

The only two key metrics that really matter are frequency of spend, and amount of statistics. Marketers are focused and tasked with “how do I get my existing customers to buy more quantity with more frequency?” RevTrax has been able to use automation tools and other capabilities to help client’s micro segment their database within an email campaign. Once that email campaign has gone live, a client might send an email out to a million-people having with a bunch of pre-configured rules around which customers should get with a set of offers. RevTrax keeps track of when consumers receive the email and open the offers. If anyone opens the email we will dynamically render the right set of offers for that customer. In another example, we support clients with “buy online and pick up in-store” (BOPIS) or “reserve online and pick in store” (ROPIS) initiatives where they send out an automated email to give you a notification of what you bought, when you bought the item, and that you're going to the store to pick up.

This is a huge topic of conversation that is discussed in further detail within our personalization tools section. Check it out!

RevTrax is integrated within emails with an easy line of code to be able to tailor additional offers to that customer when they open the email on their way to the store to drive incremental spend. Ultimately that's our loyalty solution. Lots of possibilities and we're excited to explore it further with you.

The best solutions are designed together.

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