CRM is a combination of email marketing and database marketing. We believe it is a marketer friendly way to engage with a database of consumers (often digitally) and use email marketing as a tactic and a tool to engage and communicate with your existing database of customers easier and more often. This often involves multiple different pieces of technology starting with a database of customers. Some clients or some marketers don't have a database of customers, but many do and many are looking to grow that customer database through acquisition efforts.

The second major piece of eCRM is the communication channel. How do I take that data of my customers, to segment my database in such a way to determine similar consumers in different segments? Then what do I want to send them? For example if I had a database of a million consumers and I knew that as a retailer there are 50,000 potential consumers based on buying habits of Diehard pet enthusiasts. What would I want to send them would be different than the hundred thousand customers I have that are really heavy cosmetics buyers. Thus, there's the opportunity to slice and dice the data, and then communicate the right content, the right offers, and promotions, to potentially drive the highest engagement.

CRM is essentially smarter marketing. It is simply a way for marketers to leverage data (which there's plenty of) and actually make it actionable. That's where a lot of marketers are frustrated in that there's a ton of data but it's dirty and it's not useful. It's hard to get at. Therefore, the marketing execution's they do tend to be fairly one size fits all. Most marketers understand that there's there is a better way there. There is a more advanced way to do it that isn't hard, doesn't cost a fortune, and has capabilities of executing better data driven marketing. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions out there that can help marketers take that first step or that last step in their sophistications journey against CRM

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