Consumer Behavior marketing

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Consumer Behavior Marketing

Consumer behavior marketing is a practice to identify the ideal customer purchase decision triggers and market appropriately to maximize the chance of a purchase. Consumer behavior marketing is sometimes also known as behavioral science, behavioral economics, or behavioral marketing. The premise is that the marketer has an opportunity to observe and record specific consumer behaviors, on a website for example, and then deploy marketing campaigns again those specific behaviors. Other examples of consumer behavior marketing involve studying different types of consumers and understanding, through advanced testing and research, the components of a message, creative, or promotional offer that can drive outsized results.

Behavioral Targeting of Digital Marketing

In any consumer behavior marketing effort, the marketer observes specific actions taken by the consumer and identifies a specific action that justifies a marketing communication relevant to that behavior. For example, a consumer might go to a brand website and clicks on the link to see store locations that carry the product. With that information, the marketer might decide to email that consumer with a special discount to entice conversion. The marketing is ideally executed in a timely 1-1 manner, but it can also be done on a larger batch campaign, assuming the marketer creates an audience of consumers with similar behaviors.

Other examples can be more complicated. For example, a marketer may want to send an email and retarget the user with ads on other sites if that consumer has taken specific actions in a specific order, such as clicking on the product ingredients/specs page, then viewing the product ratings & reviews, then viewing where to buy the product. The logic tree can be built out with any number of input behaviors, in any order, with the output being a communication via one or more methods.

Behavioral Testing to Optimize Promotional Offers

Another example of consumer behavior marketing would be advanced testing of the components of a message or promotional offer, such to determine which combinations of variables lead to a higher response among customer segments. For example, a typical promotional offer has at least 5 components that can be tested simultaneously. With hundreds of permutations, digital multi-variate testing can ascertain which combinations of variables resonate best with specific customers. With that insight available, marketers can execute targeted marketing, advertising or promotional campaigns with the optimal message, creative and offer that will drive the best conversion rates.


Behavioral testing, also known as behavioral or decision science, is a discipline that academics and professionals in the advertising and marketing worlds have used for decades to understand how to create the best communications that will resonate with customers. However, the testing capabilities have tended to be slow and basic, often relying on survey responses. Furthermore, the objective was to find the best universal message that would resonate with a mainstream media audience. With the advancement of technology, targeting and digital advertising capabilities, marketers can conduct rapid and complex tests and deploy the results through many targeted campaigns to the right audiences, driving much higher ROI.

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