Customer Attribution

Customer attribution is related to campaign attribution but distinct in the sense that campaign attribution is really around measuring consumer marketing. Everyone spends money on display ads; whether search ads or email marketing. With ads come marketing investments and these have costs.

Marketers are mainly interested on how certain costs deliver on their ROI and what the relationships are between the different marketing tactics used. It's mainly about looking at the customer journey; what are certain touch points or types of customers you engage with and what sequence ultimately leads them to purchase the product?

What we found is customer attribution varies by type of customer demographics, geography and by the nature of the product or service that is being bought. As a result, customers will often go through different touch points. For example, a customer may be interested in buying a product from a retail apparel web, go on Google and search for an AC-DC t-shirt, click on the ad available and buy.

Once on the retailer website, they have finished shopping and are about to check out online. At the last second, they think “you know what, I could probably get a coupon for this.” So, they open a new tab and go to a coupon portal, find a promo code with free shipping, click through and add it to their cart. From a customer attribution standpoint, these are set of behaviors that will actually help define what is the best way to engage with those customers.

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