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Personalization is such a hot topic right now in all marketing circles, largely in consumer marketing. Consumers have said through research efforts by retailers, consumer package goods companies, financial services firms, you name it, they want more relevant content.

Communications marketers are having a really hard time keeping up with personalization, largely because it is really hard to execute on. There are technologies and tools that help enable personalization, but the biggest issue that marketers face is their own bandwidth capabilities and skill set in using these tools. Therefore marketers are struggling with how can they find the time to really make the right investments in identifying the right tools they need because there's very few cases where one tool can satisfy all personalization needs for a marketer. Thus, personalization is a buzzword. It's really about how marketers define it for their business. What are the ways that they want to communicate? Which method most relevant for their consumers? And through which touch points should you engage your potential consumers? This begs the question, what are the tools and technologies that are going to help them get there. That's where marketers need to start; what is the real problem they’re trying to solve? This needs to be done first before trying to determine their alternatives.

This is a huge topic of conversation that is discussed in further detail within our personalization tools section. Check it out!

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