Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a hot topic in the digital space right now. It’s all about trying to figure out how to activate your most loyal customers and turn them into influencers to help drive brand advocacy and new customer acquisition. The hope here is that if I am a retailer and I have a customer that really loves shopping in my stores, if motivated correctly or given the right tools, they will refer their friends. This is valuable because “word of mouth marketing” is one of the most influential forms of marketing. Therefore, you can imagine the brands that have invested a lot of money trying to figure out how to implement influencer marketing.

Often it involves tapping into bloggers and influencers who already have their own loyal audience. These influencers are thought leaders in their category and are passionate about the subject matter expertise. People, who read their blog posts and care about what they have to say, are more likely to be influenced.

There are companies that have been built around creating these platforms in order to allow brands to connect with influencers in a way that's very scalable. This allows brands to tap into hundreds of influencers simultaneously and be able to provide them with brand content, freebies or even compensation. Influencer marketing, when done genuinely with brands engage with influencers in an authentic way, will help drive brand awareness and hopefully purchase consideration from their audiences.

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