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A lot of brands have tried and spent a ton of money trying to figure out social media marketing. But what is social media marketing? In general there are 2 forms of social media marketing; Paid advertising such as paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. where advertisers can reach social communities, and the other is social marketing. This is essentially, how can you as a brand actually create a presence on your own brand page on Facebook. Cultivate an audience and be able to communicate and nurture those interactions on the community side. There are a lot of tools that have been developed to help brands manage their communities message to their communities engage with them. But one of the things that marketers are struggling with historically is that there are not great ways to actually measure the ROI of those efforts. If you have a thousand likes on Facebook or a million likes what is that actually worth? A lot of marketers’ don’t know.

The other thing that marketers try to do, and could be doing better, is extending special offers in deals to their social audiences. As for social couponing, which is a big and growing trend in the world of retail and CPG and some other verticals; there is a lot of opportunity to actually drive purchasing conversion among your social followers so that its not all about likes.

There is a robust set of tools available to Facebook marketers allowing some really high level targeting as well as deep more granular targeting as well. Facebook has really done an amazing job allowing marketers to get their brand message and advertisement in front of the right consumer based on a wealth of targeting criteria that Facebook makes available. However even with features, marketers are still struggling with measuring the ROI of said capabilities. They understand the value of influencer marketing and how to get brand word of mouth among their customers. They understand that social is about community building. But to the extent that marketers can actually measure how much revenue and business value those efforts actually drive for that brand, there’s still a lot of improvement to be made.

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