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What are personalization tools? Seems like the term covers a lot of different areas within marketing. What we would say is that it helps narrow the focus for Internet software tools that are technology driven, to help marketers further their personalization efforts. Most marketers are on a journey from different extremes; one is blasting up the same email to everybody on their list.

Everybody in the world is seeing the same version of the home page. However, this isn’t true of one to one marketing where marketers are able to communicate specifically with a unique content or message to each consumer. This is achieved by using information they have on each unique customer. Personalization tools are technology tools that bring the user to web site tools to help tailor content and messaging for consumers based on who they are and whether the marketer knows them or not as well as if they knew the customer will be coming to the web site. There are also email personalization tools to help ensure that each consumer sees the right version of the email for him or herself.

There are more tools out there but fundamentally these are capabilities for the marketer’s toolkit that can help them go from one to as many as possible. However, marketing and personalization tools are only as good as the bandwidth, time, and the resources marketers have at their disposal which is a separate challenge.

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