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Why do agencies think it's important to connect digital engagement to brick and mortar sales?

Since 2008, RevTrax has been working with over 400 retail brands, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, and other clients to help them understand the premise of connecting digital engagement to brick and mortar sales. But our approach is a bit different than what others might do in this industry.

Instead of looking at campaigns results and doing some kind of match back and broad understanding of test versus control metrics, we created a transaction level connected between the consumers digital click path online and the resulting offline transaction. It is incredibly powerful for our clients who are always looking to create a more personalized dialogue with their consumer to know they can use this technique and, most importantly, optimize campaigns that are already in flight.

The best solutions are designed together.

We approach every relationship as a partnership. Your business goals are our goals, and we diligently work with you to achieve them

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