Offer Framing and Price Elasticity

So you may know RevTrax as a coupon company but we're actually much more than that. Our offer service technology allows marketers to better understand the shoppers’ path to purchase and ultimately influence it. The offer is a vehicle of understanding individual customers. So how do we define shoppers?

Revtrax creates a unique ID the first time someone interacts with our powered offers. This unique ID or online fingerprint furthers into future interactions with RevTrax powered offers as well. We have a sense of when a shopper views an offer, if they activate (activation can be printing an offer or clip to a card) and other offer formats that we're looking at. We can then determine if a shopper has redeemed an offer and the redemption is essentially a purchase. So effectively what we have is a database of shoppers making purchases at a product level or a product category level and we know which retailer and purchases occur.

Where this becomes helpful is having an understanding on the path to purchase. Let's say we can identify a population of shoppers that have printed an offer but never redeemed it. How can we improve that? We can the population by looking at redeemers of that population and the behavioral differences. We then project that out and create relevant audiences. Marketers can now be more specific and granular with the type of people that they target.

So, going back to the original premise, the coupon is really a vehicle/conversation that we have with customers to better understand what they're doing. RevTrax’s capabilities allow us to observe this behavior silently so that the shoppers’ behavior are not altered by assuming they are being analyzed in any type of way.

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